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The Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system to identify the ground position of an object. Initially, it was used by the military after certain decades broadened this invention into civilian applications. Now GPS occupies its essential place in various fields such as monitoring airlines, marine ways, guiding vehicles to give the best ways to locate nearby restaurants, hospitals and, etc.

iSharing provides a GPS tracking service through the mode of mobile application in the name of “iSharing – GPS Location Tracker” for both iPhone and Android users. This app will be most useful for everyone who wants to lead anxiety-free life and who is more worried about their children getting lost and who are all concerned about their friends.

The world is moving so fast and none of us have enough time to speak with our family members and also we can’t monitor their presence during our working hours. If we frequently make a call will create stress between them and ourselves, iSharing brings a solution to this problem that we can check, where are them and How far from their destination. It also notifies us if they reached or leave their destination and also we can find them in between crowd under a single tap.

Install iSharing – GPS Location Tracker app on your phone and your family member’s phones. After registration, set a unique icon for each person in the family. The family map will start to pinpoint the locations of each family member as an icon. Track your lost iPads, iPhones, and Android mobiles easily. During the emergency just shake your phone that’s enough to alert your family members that you need them.

You can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie and make free voice messages also you can chat with them. This hassle-free app notifies the users automatically if there is the presence of their friends or family nearby. These kinds of exciting options improve your lifestyle and keep you always in touch with your family members and friends. Users have to pay to avail these services under user convenient plans. Users can connect with the developers to rectifying their queries regarding the app through

iSharing – GPS Location Tracker supported in both iPhone and Android devices, users can find it under the communication and social networking   in the app store. This app is worth its price and it will make a useful tool to have in every smartphone.

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