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Gaming is something that every individual loves. Puzzles and Trivia are other dimensions of gaming that tests our intelligence. It enables us to improve our brainpower and also see how skilled we are. One app that I got addicted recently is the iPrize. The app helps users not just have fun but make money out of it. 

Given by Grocemania Tech Limited, iPrize is an app designed to entertain individuals who have a thirst for solving puzzles. It has so many puzzles designed by individuals from all over the globe. The puzzles come under several categories like Food, Shelter, Clothing, Fauna, and Sports and so on. 

iPrize helps users to solve puzzles created by individuals from all over the globe. There is a share button in the app that allows users to share the game with their kith and kin through various social media platforms. It helps you earn fame, recognition and money and show the whole world your skills and talents. When you sign in to the app using Facebook or email id, users will be able to earn 100 points for free. Using these coins, they will be able to earn more and participate in other contests and save some money as well. 

The game has a separate column for your profile and a ‘settings’ icon for ease of use. iPrize comes with about 1000 contests that go live and new contests are being added every month. Templates are also available in the app that helps you make new puzzles under any category by entering the contest type, name, content description, number of participants, etc.

iPrize is suitable for all those who are above 18 years of age as the game involves a little gambling. Once you solve a puzzle, you will be able to earn points, using which you can participate in other puzzles or start gathering more and more coins. When you can collect 1000 points, the app offers you 5$. The speciality of the app is that it credits the amount you have earned so far in the currency that your country belongs to. 

iPrize is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Users can write to the team in case they have any queries or wish to get some feedback at [email protected]. The app works well with more than 10 different languages which you can choose using the icon at the top of the screen. Get iPrize today and game as you wish and make some money. 

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