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You would amaze and delight others as when you multiply, divide, and square at lightning fast speed. Learn and practice the tricks of mental math calculation in a fun and engaging application. You can study any of the tricks and then practice them as you progress through various levels of proficiency.

You can tease your brain with a quick practice session while waiting in lines, riding in the car, or on the plane. Only the basic math skills of addition, subtraction and simple multiplication and division are needed to achieve astonishing results.

It is simply the most effective and thorough app to boost mental math significantly! This wonderful app helped me overcome my deeply rooted paranoia for math. The tricks are really simple to understand, yet more effective.

In order to master the tricks, drills have been provided which embed the tricks as second nature. Anyone and everyone seeking to enhance their mathematical prowess, then you need this app.

Master these incredible tricks:

  • Multiply as high as 20 x 20
  • Square numbers ending in 5
  • Square any two digit number
  • Square numbers from 41 to 59
  • Square numbers in the 50’s
  • Doubling and Halving
  • Quickly multiply by 4
  • Quickly multiply by 5
  • Quickly multiply by 9
  • Quickly multiply by 11
  • Quickly multiply by 25
  • Quickly multiply by 99
  • Multiply numbers in the 90’s
  • Round number multiplication
  • Quickly divide by 5

You can professionally prepare for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or any other standardized test. So don’t waste time with a calculator on the few tests that permit them.


The users can activate and challenge brain to expand its immense ability to think efficiently and have fun at the same time. You can train yourself to break problems down in to smaller more manageable pieces in order to reach solutions quicker and more accurately than anyone else.


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