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There will be times when you feel completely overwhelmed by the number of pending tasks in both your professional and personal life. When you constantly have to remind yourself to get things done, it’s no surprise that you forget about things that require the assistance of others. The struggle to meet the deadline is palpable. However, you can tackle your lengthy to-do list with a simple solution.

Cruise – Task Prioritizer by Abdul Ahmad is an app that auto-prioritizes your tasks and is specifically designed for Apple users. Cruise was created by productivity, project management, automation, and data analysis expert to help you get the right kind of things done at the right time. Enter your tasks, projects, and any other pertinent information, then sit back and relax.

What’s Special about Cruise – Task Prioritizer

In greater depth, when you click on the installed app icon, you will be taken to Cruise’s home page, where you can add a task or project by tapping the plus icon on the top right. To prioritize, enter the task name, additional details, and a date. You may be wondering if there is something distinctive about this app that sets it apart. Yes, there is.

Once you open up a task, you can also choose whether to complete it today, at a later date, or temporarily put it on hold, in addition to setting reminders. You can categorize the task as leisure or productive, link it to a project, add scope, and mention the due date and the frequency of reminders required to complete it under the Prioritize tab. You can also view the saved task’s details, including the modification timestamp.

Even as entering information, the app allows you to connect to the internet and search for related data to copy and paste, saving you the time and effort of typing. Once you’ve finished adding tasks, the app will analyze the data for you and prioritize them based on your preferences.

You are now ready to begin your day with an essential task. Open the app and filter tasks by action in the task menu, view daily and upcoming schedules, and view works scheduled for the day. Tap any part of the row to change the name of a task, the thumbs-up button if you intend to work on it today, and the fire button to take action immediately. To change information, assign tasks to actions, and more, swipe left or right. Have you already completed a task? Tap the empty square.

Final Thoughts

Task Prioritizer is an excellent app for people who struggle to manage multiple responsibilities. You’ll be astounded by how much information the app gathers and automatically prioritizes your daily tasks. Download the app now to reap the benefits of a well-organized day.

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