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JustMyRoots provides one of India’s leading intercity perishable and non-perishable food tech platforms, delivering food from cities across the country within 24 hours. For example, if someone in Delhi craves Tundey Kebab from Lucknow, they can use JustMyRoots to order their kebabs rather than wasting time imagining the flavors. As such, while utilizing available technology, ordering from various restaurants and establishments that have been serving delicious cuisine for centuries has seemed to be a grand idea too good to pass up.

Are you looking forward to eating authentic Hyderabadi Biryani from Hyderabad, 150-year-old Tunday Kebabs from Lucknow, or Misti Doi from Kolkata? Don’t worry, and you don’t have to travel to that city; order through JustMyRoots and enjoy food from all your favorite restaurants from various cities from the convenience of your own home!

Key Features of JustMyRoots: Food Delivery App

JustMyRoots is a popular food uprising envisioned and created by a group of ex-corporates and ex-bankers who strongly desire to eat well. We are a food tech platform, proud pioneers in intercity perishable and non-perishable food delivery. We aim to reconnect people to their roots through food, delivering from iconic brands and restaurants in over 20 cities. Their highly specialized cold chain logistics keep the food uber-fresh until delivery to your door.

Homesickness is like a wave that vividly washes over you after you leave your home—an overwhelming feeling that can create an existential void. Any foreigner will tell you it’s a mixed feeling of longing for home and everything it entails. Food carries the essence of one’s belonging and aims to bridge the said gap, so the craving for those nostalgic aromas never disappears but grows stronger over time.

Their greatest outstanding service is DFH/Direct From Home Service (Ma ke hath ka khana), through which children who are away from home for studies or work can now enjoy food prepared at home by their own mothers. The food is collected, packed in Justmyroots containers, and delivered to the children’s location within 12 hours. Justmyroots has successfully bridged the gap, and Home has become much better.

Presently, Justmyroots is excited to embark on an international journey to satisfy those gastronomical cravings and help the NRI Diaspora feel more connected to their roots.

Final Thoughts

Enough that the next time someone adeptly craves a taste of home, JustMyRoots, an Indian food pioneer professionally delivers meals from some of the most renowned eateries from over 20+ cities.

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