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We know that managing photo and video sessions can be a cumbersome task. From creating separate albums to directing clients to view or purchase their images, there is a need for a revolutionary solution that simplifies the process. Enter QRGrapher, your ultimate photo and video session partner that transforms the way you manage your sessions.

Your Ultimate Photo and Video Session Partner

Gone are the days of complicated procedures. With QRGrapher, all it takes is a simple QR code scan by your client to connect them directly to your work. No more juggling between different platforms or albums. Once you upload your media to your preferred photo-sharing platform, QRGrapher takes charge and intelligently tags each image based on the time stamp. This automatic tagging feature ensures seamless organization and accessibility for both you and your clients.

Salient Aspects

Imagine the convenience your clients will experience as they receive instant notifications when the automatic tagging is complete. No more waiting around or endless searching for their desired images. With a simple click, they gain immediate access to view or purchase beautifully captured moments.

Key Features:

  • Auto clock sync with your camera(s) – take a picture of your phone’s screen to sync your camera’s time, model, make, and serial number.
  • Customized waiting room for your guests.
  • Email alerts are automatically generated without you having to be involved.
  • Multiple camera support.
  • Statistics on QR scans and clicks.

Why People Choose QRGrapher

The versatility of QRGrapher knows no bounds. Whether you specialize in street photography, headshots, side gigs, or lab environments, this innovative tool has you covered. Clients at scenic locations can have their pictures downloaded or purchased in an instant with a single QR scan. For headshot sessions, client notification is a breeze once you finish editing and uploading their images. Even in spontaneous side gigs, QRGrapher keeps track of getting photos to clients efficiently. Lab environments requiring multiple cameras are not a challenge anymore, as QRGrapher effortlessly groups and tags images from all cameras automatically.

Final Thoughts

QRGrapher truly epitomizes the future of photo sharing. Its user-friendly interface, automatic tagging, and instant notifications make managing your sessions a joyous experience. Embrace this digital revolution and let QRGrapher take your photography or videography to new heights. Say goodbye to the hassle of separate albums and embrace the streamlined efficiency of QRGrapher as your ultimate photo and video session partner.


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