Don’t Throw It Away! What to Do with Your Old Cell Phone

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Adding to your collection of old, obsolete cell phones? There are more uses for old phones than you think. Discover what you can do with an old cell phone!

In 2014, it was reported that there are now more mobile phones than humans on planet earth.

Pretty crazy, right?

Most of us upgrade our phones every few years, and old devices usually end up gathering dust in drawers — or worse, going to landfill and harming the planet.

Luckily, there are loads of better ways to make use of your old cell phone — keep reading for some novel ideas.

Turn Into an Alarm Clock

How many times have you accidentally turned off an alarm on your regular phone? Or had your phone die overnight, meaning no alarm?

Using an old phone as a dedicated alarm clock is an excellent solution.

Even the most basic brick phone will have an alarm function, and since you’re not using it for calls or apps, the battery will last for ages.

Simply set up your alarm, keep the phone by your bed, and enjoy never being late again.

Repurpose as a Kid’s Camera

Is your kid keen to start taking photographs? Does your blood turn cold at the thought of letting them loose with your actual camera?

An old phone could be just what’s needed.

Phone cameras are good quality enough for kids to experiment with, and there are plenty of fun apps for editing pictures and adding filters. It’s a good way to let your kid have fun without risking damage to an expensive phone or camera.

If your old mobile gets dropped in search of the perfect shot, it won’t be the end of the world.

Use Just For The eBook Reader

Do you love reading eBooks but hate using up space and battery power on your regular phone?

Using an old mobile as a dedicated eBook reader is a great solution. Delete your other apps, download all your favorite digital books, and get reading.

This works especially well on old phones with larger screens. If you have an old tablet to hand, even better.

Donate to a Good Cause

Whether your phone is still working perfectly or needs to be recycled for parts, there’s a charity out there that will be happy to accept it.

If you’ve only got a broken screen, it’s worth searching ‘cell phone screen repair near me‘ and getting it fixed before you donate. The charity will be able to get much more use out of the phone and you’ll benefit from some good karma.

Just search online for ‘charities that accept phones’ and you’ll find loads of worthwhile options.

Why You Should Never Trash Your Old Cell Phone

Chucking an old cell phone into the trash makes no sense when there are so many useful things you could do instead.

Repurpose the phone into a nifty alarm clock, turn into a kid-friendly camera, or donate to a good cause.

If all else fails, look for local phone recycling schemes. Whatever you do, don’t let your old phone end up at a landfill site.

Want to use your old phone to experiment with app creation? Check out the app development section of our site for some great ideas.

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