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Nowadays, people are either too busy or too lazy in their own lives that they can’t afford to go outside for the car service or any other vehicle service. They want everything at their doorstep. The busy individuals need to get their cars washed at their home, workplace or wherever they want.

Therefore, an innovative solution has been developed for this use, which is called Mobile Wash. Mobile Wash is the ultimate solution for car wash and brings affordability and convenience directly to the homes and workplaces of busy professionals everywhere. It gives you assurance that your vehicle is serviced with an enhanced level of quality. It doesn’t matter whether you need to get a car wash now or schedule it later, the app is always there for you. 

Mobile Wash is your car wash app which is the most comfortable and less expensive way to wash your car. To start with, this app, you need to simply download it from the play store and schedule a time, the mobile car wash will come to you with all the facilities available. There is no need to take your vehicle to a car wash anymore. Mobile Wash has revolutionized the mobile car wash and detailing industry using the most advanced application on the market. It is the leader in on-demand mobile detailing services and the most innovative application on the market. 

The app is currently serving Southern California and expanding into Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida. ​With this app, you can request either “Wash Now” or “Wash Later” and a member of America’s largest network of professional mobile auto detailers will be at your door in minutes. You can even track your on-demand service provider’s location in real-time at the push of a button. You will see the service provider’s picture, rating,  and location on the map.

At the time of the payment, you can use a secure credit card which is totally safe. If you liked the service,  you can give them a good rating and leave a feedback. 

The ordering process of Mobile Wash is very easy as it offers three affordable packages: express washes,  deluxe services, and premium detailing,  in addition to the add-ons. The Express package is the fastest way to have a clean car.  If you need an interior and exterior cleaning, choose the Deluxe Package. Else, choose the Premium package if you want to elevate your experience, which will expand the services of the deluxe package and includes a wax and dressing to ensure your vehicle remains shining for weeks.

Moreover, you can add one of our exclusive add-ons, such as clay bar and paste wax, upholstery conditioning, floor mat cleaning, or water spot removal and customize the services. It totally depends on your needs and budget, but Mobile Wash remains committed to ensure that you are satisfied with the service, each and every time. 

Overall, the app is a great solution for all car users who are busy or don’t like to have a car service done outside. Mobile Wash requires iOS 9.0 or any later versions and is compatible with the iPhone,  iPad and iPod touch. Give it a try now.

Pros: car service at home; convenient to use; cost-effective; safe and secure; saves time and effort; free to use. 

Cons: not available in our country. 

Worth Having App – Download the App

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