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Have you ever wanted to encourage children to learn new words, improve their vocabulary through fun and interactive learning? If yes, then you must give Mussila Wordplay a try. The app encourages children to move ahead at their pace. There is a lot of content in the app and it is worth every second you spend using it.

Given by the seller Rosamosi ehf, Mussila Wordplay is an app that belongs to the ‘Education’ category. This is one awesome education game that helps you to let your kids learn and know different words. The game is so well thought out and constructed and it has so many fun elements with bright colours. This is one well-constructed award-winning game that I would highly recommend to all my kith and kin who have children in their junior school.

Mussila Wordplay is one awesome game to help children to read and spell words and make them come up with all the creativity and create their own stories at the end. To make this work out the app comes with four paths that are a step-by-step learning process. Initially, the app has the Learn path that lets kids learn words every day with some new vocabulary. When children follow the instructions, they can improve their listening abilities and working memory. Under the Play path, children can just enjoy by putting all of this into practice. The different games in this section are quizzes, spelling, word soups, listen & guess, listen & answer, sorting words, and sentence builder.

In the Practice path, there is a library with loads of stories which children can read out themselves or get help from parents or teachers. This not only develops their reading abilities but also creates a bond when they read with a companion. The dictionary in the app can review the vocabulary they’ve learned. The Create path helps kids to unleash their imagination wherein they can create original and fun stories with the Story Creator. They can come up with a new story every time and as parents, you will be more astonished when you see the outcome.

Mussila Wordplay requires iOS 12.0 or later versions, Android 5.0 and above and macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip. Available for all those above 4 years of age, the app is suitable for children in the age group of 6-8. The app Mussila Wordplay comes with in-app purchases with a Premium Subscription for $5.99 and the Wordplay Lifetime purchase available for $19.99.

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