Top apps every iPhone needs 2022

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You might have just unboxed your brand new iPhone or you might be familiar with your iPhone, either way, it is not considered an iPhone until you’ve downloaded these sites. Here is a list of apps that every iPhone needs. 

(1) IKEA Place 

Many of us are familiar with the IKEA chain stores, but if you aren’t, IKEA is a global furniture brand. IKEA has just released an app that allows you to virtually see 3D, true-to-scale IKEA products in your desired space. This prevents you from purchasing furniture online only to discover that it does not fit.

(2) MeasureKit 

Gone are the days when you had to go to your local hardware store to buy a measuring tape you’d only use once or dig through dusty toolboxes to find one. MeasureKit has nine AR tools which include, Ruler, Magnetometer, Trajectory, Face mesh, Marker pin, Person height, Level, and Cube. Measure anything at the click of a button.

(3)Sky Walk 

It’s incredible what we can do with our iPhones nowadays. You don’t need a telescope anymore; instead, download the Sky Walk app, which is an interactive night sky guide that tracks your location in real-time, and allows you to explore over 200 000 celestial bodies. It not only names the celestial bodies you’re looking at, but it also describes them and tells you about their history.

(4)Couch to 5k 

Many of us think about going for a run but reside to the couch instead. With Couch to 5K, you are motivated to go running for just 20 to 30 minutes three times a week for only nine weeks. Once you have completed the nine-week programme, you will be ready to run a 5K. This is a great way to keep fit and stay motivated. 


Many of us wish to escape into a world of peace and tranquillity; with Headspace, you can. This is a free guided meditation app that teaches basic meditation and mindfulness techniques.

(6)Apple Music

All iPhones come with Apple Music pre-installed. Apple Music allows you to download any song you want to listen to and also includes music videos. With Apple Music, you can create playlists and listen to all of your favourite songs while running or driving.


Looking for new clothes but don’t want to walk through a crowded mall? ASOS, home to over 850 brands, allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home. ASOS provides free delivery and returns.

(8)Online Casinos & Betting Apps 

Looking to kick your feet up and test your luck. There are plenty of online casino and betting apps found within the app store or even mobile-friendly casinos including some options like these.

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