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Do you own a business and want to build business applications for that, but, you don’t want to spend your time on the coding? Is it taking so much time and still not worth it? Well, this is the common problem of all the people who want to build business applications. You know that day by day, new apps are being launched in the market and again a great webapp has been introduced in the market for building business apps. It will surely reduce the burden of your work and protect your data from loss also. This awesome app is none other than the OPSLAB, which has been developed by the Amdirent, Inc. this year. It’s a web app which is available for all the desktop as well as the  Smartphone users

OPSLAB is a web app which is used to build business applications, data warehouses or APIs (Application Program Interface) all without any coding. You can register a free account on the website and start using the app. You can create web apps by turning excel spreadsheets into web apps. You need to follow only a few steps and you can do a number of things you can do with OPSLAB. This will not only protect your data from loss but can also export the data at any time.

With OPSLAB, you can build ad-hoc apps for your business. If you want to build data warehouses, you can add the databases of your business with a single click. Moreover, you can import excel data with a drag and drop method and import your data from the external API’s. All the data that you uploaded is instantly accessible via a REST API. You can now have an SQL database in the cloud. With the OPSLAB, you will be able to design web forms, surveys, applications and much more with a drag and drop form builder. You can use it to power your web or mobile apps.

If you’re finding any problem in turning excel files into web applications, then you can also schedule a consult with a solutions architect. Thereby, you can tell about your problems which you’re trying to solve and one of the solutions architects will schedule a time to discuss how they can help to resolve your problems. You know that Excel doesn’t scale, but OPSLAB does. You can store legacy files, backups, large audio/video files or XML/JSON data for later processing and analysis.

So, getting control of your data with OPSLAB is just that easy! You can try this app for free or subscribe it that costs between $0 and $25. The prices may vary depending on the commitment and so on.

Try it now and build ad-hoc apps for your business!

PROS: turn spreadsheets into web apps; build ad-hoc business applications; build data warehouses, surveys, API endpoints; store different kind of files; scaling; easy to use; safe and secure; performs tasks quickly; available for free.

CONS: not found.


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