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What would happen to your family after you pass way? How would they be informed about the inheritance you are leaving behind? People will not be able to accurately predict one’s death. If there is a simpler way to live and speak beyond the grave, then no one would want to miss the chance. Offered by Inc the app, MyLastWill is a great boon to all those who wish to leave a legacy after their demise.

MyLastWill lets you to create a living will from your iPhone or tablet or any other mobile device in just a few seconds. Being at the comfort of your own home, the app clearly takes you through the process of creating the will. Be it your last will, living will or a message, anything can be created within a few short minutes. The app ensures that if anything happens to you, your wishes are respected and known. The app allows you to carry your last words to the future and give your family and friends a reason to smile.

You have to sign in with an Email Id and password to make use of the app. MyLastWill allows you to pen down your feelings that you would like to convey to your beloveds. The app functions as a demise notification service using which the users can communicate their will effectively by sending notifiers, representatives and recepients. The app allows you to access the names from the contacts of the phone with just a click.

Using a living will, you can mention how you will be cared for in case you become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions about your health and medical care. As a prior measure, a living will lets you to dictate your desires after you pass away. You can clearly state what should happen to your body and things after your demise. Though everyone could benefit from it, MyLastWill is more beneficial to men and women in the military.

The app takes the security of your information very seriously and hence offers an authentication process. Users can set a pin code to make the recorded will secure. The app also has draft and published wills that can be edited by the users according to their needs.

You can download MyLastWill from iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. With this app, you can create your living will in just a few seconds without any hassles like spending a ton of money or time. The app comes with various paid subscriptions that are affordable. A premium package with a life time of 20 years is also made available.

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