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Rest Stops Ahead

Trip Routing Technologies LLC, the developer of Rest Stops Ahead, have created a handy travel app that helps easily find the nearest rest stop on the US, including Interstates, US highways, and state highways! With the app, you can browse by state and interstate or you can browse on a map. This app will show you the traditional rest areas as well as welcome centers and service plazas on turnpikes.

Key Features 

The app was re-designed to display route maps that highlight rest stop locations with Rv Dumping, Pet-friendly and other preferred services. Importantly, it also shows expected Crowd Levels at each facility. There are lots of other unique features too!

Major Benefits 

  • Plan, drive and navigate your road trip all on one app
  • Find one-of-a-kind rest stop ahead info: crowd size, amenities & services, driving distance and much more
  • See a route map with all rest stops; then, with a tap, see only those with your preferred services
  • Choose the route that has more of your preferred facilities: rv dumping, pet-friendly, picnic and/or wifi
  • Easily see rest stops on & near your route (that may have lower crowd size info)
  • Monitor your trip progress and track changing driving distances to selected rest stops ahead
  • Get turn-by-turn navigation directions to selected rest stops (and destination)
  • Some routes have multiple routes: select the route with more of your preferred rest stops
  • Rest stop locations are placed at the turn-off point, assuring local signage consistency
  • Swap between planning and driving map views as needed
  • See hours of operation, alerts, and facility descriptions (if avail.)
  • Access proprietary “geo-placed” rest stop data base
  • Save your selections for this and future road trips

Final Words

If you’re looking for a comprehensive map-based rest stop locator and trip monitor, Rest Stops Ahead is the app for you. With a multitude of features and benefits, you’ll find this app invaluable for your road trips. What’s more, you can try it out with a free trial and experience the convenience of having all your rest stop needs in one app.


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