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 With rapid advancements in the technology of phone cameras, just about anyone can take near-professional quality pictures. One of the best aspects of shooting and storing photos on your phone is the instant sharing you can do. Many of the following apps can accomplish just that, as well as do some surprisingly sophisticated photo editing.


App Name: Instagram

Developer: Burbn, Inc.


Have you jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet? If you love taking pictures on your phone and sharing them with everyone (like 80 million others have), then you need to download this fun and free app. You can add special visual effects to any picture, then create photo streams to show off to family, friends and other photographers around the world.


App Name: Flickr

Developer: Yahoo!


If you’re looking for instant sharing of your phone pictures and want to tag them easily, download Flickr. You can add photos to a set and share them with loved ones. In turn, they can create their own sets as well, where you can comment and label your favourites. Go beyond your own circle and explore what others have taken an shared by subject, places or people.


App Name: Colour Splash

Developer: Pocket Pixels Inc.


Bring out your inner artist with Colour Splash. You can create a dramatic black-and-white photo with a chosen color accent, such as a red rose in a vase on a table. It’s surprisingly easy to use, thanks to an intuitive multi-touch interface. All you do is take your picture, convert it to black and white, choose the color and “paint” the areas you wish.


App Name: Slow Shutter Cam

Developer: Cogitap Software


Sometimes you would love to have or work with a digital SLR camera because of its wide range of creative functions. Now with this app, you can enable your phone camera to work in low-light conditions, which is usually done with slow shutter speeds on a dSLR. Choose one of the three modes of capture to take amazing quality photos with your device.


App Name: Diptic

Developer: Peak Systems


Create beautiful collages of any photos you choose and add a bit of artistic flourish with Diptic. With its 14 filters, 52 customizable layouts and control of rounded borders, you can make something extraordinary with your phone pictures. Don’t forget to share them with friends and family on almost every social media network.


App Name: Photosynth

Developer: Microsoft Corporation


Many people love taking photos that they can edit into panoramas. Now you can easily create those breath-taking pictures with this app from Microsoft. Edit panoramas that go from left to right – or up and down. After you’re done, share it on your favorite social media platform or on Bing. Your picture may even be chosen to be in the “Best of Bing Maps.”


App Name: Hipstamatic

Developer: Hipstamatic, LLC


Want to give your digital phone camera photos a retro feel? Then choose Hipstamatic to give your pictures that good old analogue look. With different lenses, flashes and film speeds, you can post-process your photos and create hundreds of visual effects. Share on Facebook and Twitter and even enter the monthly photo contest to win prizes.


App Name: Adobe Photoshop Express

Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated


Take the professional caliber processing of Photoshop and bring it into a highly-user friendly format, and you have Photoshop Express. Specially designed for phone camera pictures, this app has great one-touch effects and instant crop, rotate, filter and adjust color functions. Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake – you can undo your changes and return to where you started.


App Name: Camera+

Developer: tap tap tap


With over 8 million sold and the highest ratings from the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine, you know you’ll be taking the best photos possible with Camera+. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or if you haven’t touched a camera in ages. You will love taking pictures with your phone when you have this very popular app.


App Name: GridLens

Developer: Bucket Labs


Flexibility is the key when you use GridLens. Create a picture story by taking photos in the frame split by grid lines. Unlike regular cameras that have fixed grids, you can change the lines and put them where you want. Take pictures in either manual or automatic mode. You just might wish that your regular camera could be like GridLens!


It’s not always practical to have a large camera with you at all times. For moments when you just want to capture the moment as it is, and not have to worry about setting up a camera, the iPhone and iPad are perfect. The large range of apps turns an impressive camera into a powerful sharing and editing tool.

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