Top 10 Apps for Pharmacy Professionals

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 Like other medical professionals, pharmacists can have difficulty keeping up with the latest in medical and drug research. New scientific and clinical research and technological advancements come on the scene every day, and it’s crucial to stay on top of each bit of news. These medical professional apps can help with that objective.


App Name: Medscape

Developer: WebMD


With Medscape, you can use the most comprehensive resource used by more than 1 million medical professionals. Get the latest news in 34 specialist areas and share article of interest on social media. Research information is available for drugs, their effects on patients and interactions with other medications and supplements. Also included is information about disease treatment, medical calculators and continuing medical education links.


App Name: MedCalc Pro

Developer: Mathias Tschopp & Pascal Pfiffner


If you get slowed down figuring out complicated formulas, let MedCalc Pro make the task easier. With over 300 scores, scales, classifications and formulas, you’ll also have complete information and references. Input data quickly and easily without having to switch from one window to another. You can even customize a list of your favorite equations.


App Name: Critical- Medical Guide

Developer: The Barringer Group, LLC


In a medical emergency, seconds count. You don’t want to waste your time trying to remember or reference life-saving information. With Critical-Medical Guide, you’ll be able look up courses of action, medicine, drug calculators and special procedures – all presented in clear diagrams, images, interactive HD videos and audio.


App Name: MedPage

Developer: MedPage Today


Stay up-to-date on the latest medical news specially directed to health care professionals. MedPage Today offers live conference coverage, breaking news from the medical field and detailed clinical references, presented in real-time audio and visual reports. You can also earn CME/CE credit. Be sure to register with MedPage Today to take full advantage of all the app’s features.


App Name: WebMD

Developer: WebMD


The most popular consumer app to access comprehensive medical information is also a useful immediate resource for medical professionals. Have critical information easily accessible to check symptoms, drugs and treatments, first aid and local health facilities. You can save preferred information about prescription drugs, informative articles and conditions. WebMD also has contact and email functions.


App Name: Redi-Reader

Developer: Redi-Reference, Inc.


Use this helpful reader to access medical references and guidelines, including those from the American Diabetes Association, STD Guidelines from the CDC, COPD Guidelines from the American Thoracic Society, the Infectious Disease Society of America and other important informational journals.


App Name: Pharmacy Times

Developer: MDNG


With this app, you’ll have the most current and relevant information in the pharmacy industry, which you can then put into your daily practice. Topics include trends and news, legal issues, OTC and Rx product news, articles on disease conditions, patient education, drug abuse and diversion and coagulation counseling. CE credit is also available.


App Name: MicroMedex

Developer: Thomson Reuters (Healthcare) Inc.


With this program, you can find the same information that you would in the Micromedex clinical reference, right on your Apple device. You’ll get the same impartial and comprehensive information on drugs to make important clinical decisions. No internet connection is necessary for this app to operate fully.


App Name: Mediquations

Developer: Mediquations


Looking for an easy-to-use medical calculator that will allow instant solutions? Then Mediquations may be the app you’ve waited for. An Apple staff top pick, you’ll have access to 232 formulas and scoring tools that give you multiple results. Organize frequently used information into categories, favorites and recent searches, and email or print your results.


App Name: LexiComp

Developer: Lexi-Comp


With LexiComp, you can find answers about mobile drug and clinical findings, quickly and easily. After creating your LexiComp account at their website, you can use the app to access information widely regarded as the most trusted and complete resource in the pharmacy industry.


Pharmacy is an ever-changing profession, and as such keeping up-to-date with the latest news and research is essential. These wide ranging apps have uses from getting the latest research to assisting in complex calculations. If you are a pharmacy professional it is likely several of these apps will make your day to day life that little bit easier.

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