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Auto Redial

Auto Redial is a splendid niche tool that global users probably won’t use very often. It generally auto redials a number for you in case the number you were trying to call was busy or wasn’t though picked up. You should use this one with caution since there is a fine line between redialing and spam calling, but you get the picture.

The app properly saves numbers you’ve redialed, you can stop it at any time, and the app is also relatively inexpensive to use. If are tired of trying to reach a doctor for a medical appointment or tried to reach the unemployment office hundreds of times or did you try to get a vaccination appointment, then you can try this app.

Simple on the Nerves

smartRedial assists you to simply connect with family and friends, your doctor or office, and automatically redials a number if it is in case busy all with a simple, intuitive design.

Feature of Automatic Redialing

Suppose if you do not get through, because the line is busy, smartRedial would automatically redial the number for you. You can lean back and allow the app redial until you succeed.

Simple to Connect

You can utilize the redial history feature to quickly redial recent numbers. They are quick and easy.

Good Intuitive Design

It is a simple, lightweight design that keeps your favourite people just a tap away. In addition, you can switch to dark mode to save battery and highly reduce eye strain at night.

Main Features of Auto Redial

  • They are automatic and repetitive redialing
  • You can Auto-stop redialing when the call is answered
  • Has Redial history
  • Better Intuitive and lightweight design

Use Cases

  • You can call a doctor for a medical appointment
  • Reach the unemployment office or the citizen office
  • Get a vaccination appointment
  • Reach anyone with ease
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