Odds API – The Perfect Solution To Pull Sports Data Into Your Application

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Sports enthusiasts always have an eye for mobile apps or websites to know more about their favorite game. Sport lovers, look out for updated sports info even when the live game is turned on. They seek for statistics and information and it can be a big process to incorporate all this into your development work. There are many APIs in the market, but choosing the right one matters.

I choose Odds API for my development program and they got me real-time sports data much quicker with the best efficiency. I loved the API’s support, functionality and performance and the benefits of this API are many.

The Most notable features of Odds API are as follows:

  • Supports many different formats: JSON, Node.js, PHP, CURL, Python and also your browser and the generated codes are very easily readable.
  • They consider only the valid responses and invalid ones are not taken into account. Hence, you only pay for what you get.
  • The team responds at the earliest they can as you contact them through the contact form. You can clarify all your queries that can be either general or technical.
  • Provides odds data for a variety of sports with more than 15 numbers that include American Football, Rugby, Boxing, Badminton, Baseball and a lot.
  • The API is backed by more than 30+ bookmakers of UK, US and Australia and it supports over 10 betting types.
  • The free plan is available with 1000 requests/month and other limited functionalities.

The company offers many different pricing plans on a monthly basis. The plans differ with the number of search requests that are made available. These plans are capable to fit anything from startups to large enterprises. It comes with small, medium and large plans with a price of 9.99, 44.99 and 84.99 respectively. A discount of 20 percent can be availed by consumers who subscribe for an annual plan.

The complete API documentation can be found on the company website. The company has different payment methods that include credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club and American Express). They ensure maximum availability and reliability by working every way to provide an uptime of 99.9%.

With Odds API, you have limitless possibilities to build sports app or deliver sports data and other relevant info without any hassles. What are you still waiting for? Get real-time sports data feeds that meet your requirements with the ultimate – Odds API.

Worth Having App – Try ODDS API today

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