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Have you ever thought about an app where you get a chance to choose the most beautiful women on this Earth? Usually, there are many modelling competitions that held Nationally and Internationally. But, we don’t get a chance to vote for the right model. Only the authorities and some people decide who is the best. Sometimes, they fail to make the right choice as well and the whole year efforts of the models is being wasted. But, it’s a competition, the winner is only 1 and the losers are many! We can’t do anything.

However, all the models should be given an opportunity to go further, so Dana Byte created an app called, who is the CEO and Promoter of“The octagon of hotness“.

This app has been developed under the Entertainment and Games category.

Now what Hotversus is? It’s an amazing, super-addictive mobile game where you choose the most beautiful women in this Earth, one duel at a time means you have to vote from 2 women at a time. It’s not a game to play and score. But it’s a game of voting. Their future depends on you only. When you go to the apps webpage, you will see two pictures of the women who participated in the contest and you need to give vote to one of them. You have to select one of the two women in terms of hotness and beauty. Once you voted one of them, you can also refresh it and vote for another group.

Each time when you refresh, there are different women so that all of them should be given an opportunity to go further and win. There are so many girls participating in this contest and these girls work hard all the year to look good and seriously, they are so gorgeous and hot that you can’t decide who is the best. So you can appreciate their hard work by voting them genuinely. It’s kind of like an old school free-for-all because there are no weight classes- runway models against musicians against actresses, all are dressed to the nines.

At the end of the year, the results and the overall rankings are announced and maybe a party or something is thrown. Remember, there are no losers here, these girls are some of the most beautiful women in this world. So it’s all in good fun and entertainment. For those girls, who were not included in this year’s round and are willing to participate, they should not spoil their mood and don’t get worried because a certain proportion will be replaced next year with new entrants. Just submit your latest photograph and send it to to be considered for next year’s competition.

So play this game and make the right choice!

Pros: vote the most beautiful and hot women; unique concept; get a chance to participate; super-addictive game; free.

Cons: none.

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