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I am in the business of producing food products and I have to manage so many things in a row. There are business emails to read, quotes to forward to clients, different recipes to try, product quality to check, and so much more. And all of these tasks require information that I need to store and save in order to get them done. If at all I could enter all that I do in one single platform, things would get a lot easy for me. With Bublup, I was able to put everything I needed in one place and it was a big help in organizing things for my personal life and work life.

Bublup is a visual and user-friendly app that helps you search, save, and share anything you need for your personal life or work needs. It is a cloud storage app that lets users create and make folders separately for almost anything and everything like information about your home, work, pets, financial information, medical records, business, and more. Users are able to save links, documents, notes, photos/videos, photos, GIFs, in visual folders with a title, picture, and a description.

If you are using it for work, you can have separate folders for design, supplies, machines, quotes, office, and everything else. It relieves you from the pressure of losing emails that are important because, with this app, you can forward emails to Bublup and save a copy of them in the respective folder. To help you handle everything with ease, the app comes with various menu options. Users will be able to find and search for information by clicking on the “bubbling up” tab. The ‘Notification’ bell brings invitations and comments for you. The Search icon helps you find things in your folders and explore suggestions from the Bublup community. And the ‘Profile’ option allows you to view and edit your personal information.

One of the most novel features of Bublup is that users can prepare a “Roll” for their clients. By simply clicking “create an instant web page” inside your folder, everything that you have saved quickly turns into a stunning web page you can share with just one click. Users, especially business owners, could use it to display the products they are about to make or sell or whatever they want to showcase about their business in a neat portfolio.

I love using this file organizing app and it is free. It comes with a Chrome extension and an iOS and Android version of the app. Bublup is available in 4 pricing plans. The price of Bublup differs with the amount of storage space as follows: The Standard plan is completely free with 3 GB storage (you can earn up to an additional 12GB for free for life by inviting people via a group folder or your personal referral link). The Standard Plus comes with $2.99 per month for 100 GB storage, the Premium Plan comes for $6.99 per month for 100 GB storage, and the Premium Plus for $9.99 per month for 1 TB storage.

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