Driver4VR: Full Body Tracking

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Driver4VR: Full Body Tracking

Driver4VR collects and transmits Full Body Tracking data to VRChat, allowing you to increase your in-game presence and make virtual reality more realistic and immersive. Pose for the camera and have some fun. Driver4VR: Full Body Tracking is the pinnacle of full-body tracking VRChat on your Meta Quest 2 VR headset journey.

Driver4VR is a simple application that allows you to enjoy an unparalleled VRChat full-body tracking experience. Have fun dancing, walking, and chatting with your friends. Choose your own avatar and play games that you truly enjoy with all of your heart.

Use the front or rear camera to show off your moves. Deep learning technology easily captures your every move. Deep learning detects your body movements and sends them to your MetaQuest 2’s local Wi-Fi to VRChat. Our app allows you to move freely and is an excellent VR full-body tracking app.

You’d like the following features:

  • Tracking of the entire body
  • Move in any way you want
  • No additional software or drivers are required.
  • Machine learning technology
  • Use either the front or rear camera

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Keep your phone and Meta quest connected to the same local network.
  • In the Driver4VR settings, enter your Meta Quest IP address.
  • Launch VRChat and turn on OSC on Meta Quest.
  • Long press the Oculus button on the left controller to recenter the view into the direction of your smartphone.
  • In VRChat body tracking, press the calibrate FBT button. Trackers should be floating around.
  • Carry out T Pose calibration

Final Words

Everything is done professionally as you discover many salient features that simply demonstrate or enumerate how much care was put into the app during development. People are in adored with the key features and this app is extremely useful. This is an excellent app that will appeal to anyone looking for a change.


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