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Are you tired of watching advertisements while using any application? Nowadays, most of the apps contain ads related to anything. They interrupt you in between and create a lot of frustration that you end up quitting the app! Whether it’s a gaming app, utility app or any sort of entertainment, there are lots of ads displayed and they are clicked by us sometimes. It’s very likely that we click on these ads, especially if kids are using the app and instead of using that app we are redirected to another screen showing the ad. This is very irritating and seriously, I don’t like that!

However, I also want to use the apps that I need and without any ads as well. But, there are hardly any apps which are not showing ads except the paid versions! So, it’s our choice to see the ads and use the app or get the paid version for enjoying the app smoothly. Well, I was searching for a particular app for editing and managing photos and also without ads! So I got an app known as “Simple Gallery Pro. It’s available at a negligible cost and doesn’t contain any ads. I thought instead of watching the irrelevant ads, why shouldn’t I download a paid app for doing the tasks. So let’s talk about this amazing Photo Manager and Editor.

Simple Gallery is an offline photo vault and file organizer app where you can edit photos, recover deleted photos, protect and hide photos, create your secret photo album the way you want. You can easily crop pictures, flip, rotate and resize and view a huge variety of different pictures and video formats including RAW, SVG, GIF, panoramas and much more. There is no Internet access needed to use the app, which gives you more privacy, security and stability. There are a variety of intuitive gestures to easily edit and organize pictures in the photo manager. You can protect your photos with a lock such as pattern, pin or fingerprint. There are a lot of ways to filter, group and sort files. You can also create a customizable slideshow of your files with many options within the photo gallery. You can search images, edit photos and zoom high quality pictures, videos and GIFs easily with gestures.

If you accidentally deleted any important photo or video from your photo album, you can easily recover them. You can protect, hide photos, videos and files from anyone snooping around. Moreover, you can’t delete a file without a fingerprint scan. So your gallery will always be protected. You can set any image as wallpaper without any hassle. You can easily force portrait or landscape orientation for easy video viewing.

Simple Gallery Pro is an amazing app having an intuitive UI, which works the way you want it to. It’s a highly customizable file organizer having function buttons at the bottom toolbar. Can you imagine, this app is only available @ ₹49. And the most amazing thing is that you can get your money back if you uninstall the app within 2 hours if you don’t like it! Moreover, the app works offline and doesn’t need any Internet Connection! What else do you want? Enjoy the app without ads!

Get the app now from the Google Play Store!

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