App Changes Needed to Grow Mobile Esports

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Esports as a whole is on  the up and up as many of the biggest games continue to grow and pull in numbers that rival and even surpass the biggest traditional sporting events too, with growing scenes to support the esports market like those found at for example too, there’s plenty of eyes keeping an eye on the space to see where the biggest opportunities can be found. With mobile gaming leading the way for gaming as a whole for many and being the suspected future, the next step is to find opportunities in the growing mobile esports space, but there may be bigger changes to the apps themselves in order to better deliver mobile esports to the growing potential audience pool.

Perhaps the first space that will need the biggest change is within broadcasting options as something that is currently severely lacking – a huge part of what has made esports as a whole successful to date is the ability for viewers to tune in for free and receive a high-quality streamed experience of their favourite title, but this is a space in mobile that has yet to really see much development and have become a problemed space for the growing scene.

There are also similar issues with some level of mobile esports integrity, whilst offline events can ensure an even playing field much easier as you have players up on stage or monitored by officials, there’s no guarantee for the same during online competitions, as such for competitive integrity there may be something needed within the apps themselves as a big change that can identify if a player is using any external help, which some may have already put into place but not yet a standard that is in place across all apps.

The good news for fans and players alike is that there are certainly efforts being pushed forward for it, not only within these points but within many other points at the same time as apps look to take full advantage of all of the hardware and software on offer, and with the introduction of 5G just around the corner too it could allow online gaming as a whole to become much more accessible to those willing to enter the space, and with hardware improving quickly enough to allow for huge changes in the online gaming space yet to come it’s an interest space for change.

External influences may bean important factor too, the marketplace battle between Epic and Apple may see further changes come to marketplaces that provide more access for a wider number of services and make it more approachable for developers too, although these changes won’t likely be seen for a longer period of time it’s certainly still something in the pipeline that will continue to push mobile apps in every genre, both gaming and ordinary, forward.

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