All You Need To Know About Windows 8 App Development

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Windows 8 apps are starting to become very popular among tech users. Windows 8 platforms are used by a lot of people and as such app developers are cashing in on the business. Creating a Windows app is fun and it is something that almost anyone can do. The Windows app store is growing bigger each day as more apps are created. This article will guide you on what you need to know about Windows app development.

Microsoft Visual Studio is free software that is available to download from Microsoft and allows for building apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, building of Windows 8 apps can begin. Also, Microsoft have a page to show Mac users how to create windows apps on Mac systems.

Most experienced Windows developers know the coding languages used for Windows 8 app development. For those unfamiliar with the programming languages used, you can read the Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript eBook from Microsoft Press. Conventional programming languages like C and C++ are also very essential and easy to learn.

What if you don’t want to learn programming? There are websites such as Zipapp that allow you to create a Windows app without writing any code. Apps created using Zipapp can have static pages with social and RSS feeds, which is particularly good in sharing and keeping up with news.

Designing the app is the most important part of Windows app development. A poorly designed app will get low users even if it is a really good app. It is worth noting that the modern graphical user interface is inclined more towards touch devices. This means that your app should be touch-friendly and be considerate of different device orientation and view. Organization of content in your app is critical and aids better user experience. The Planning Windows Store Apps pages and the Design Guidance for Windows Store Apps pages provide more information and guidelines for designing your app.

After building your app, test it with the Windows App Certification Kit for performance, reliability and adherence to Windows security features. More tests are required if your building apps for Windows RT. Testing also checks if the app complies with Windows 8 Modern UI standards. Now, the Windows 8 app development process is almost complete and all that is left is to submit the app to the Windows app store.
Submitting the app to the store needs you to have a Windows Store Account. You can buy a Developer Account via Visual Studio or get free accounts if you are:

– A MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscriber, where you can find the Windows Store Developer Account on your MSDN dashboard.
– A student via the DreamSpark program.
– A start-up via the BizSpark program.

After uploading the app to the Windows store, it undergoes testing and code investigation. If it gets approved, your Windows app is made available in the store.

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