Startups need to do B2B marketing automation for their business correctly.

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Startups need to do B2B marketing automation for their business correctly

This is a question that many startups are asking, and for good reason. Businesses need to know how to approach B2B marketing automation and how it can help them in the future.

B2B marketing automation platforms are used by companies to support the practice of demand generation. Gartner defines them as software that offers automated help with B2B marketing. Developing awareness among potential customers, generating leads and nurturing them in your funnel, and presenting offers through multiple channels to help buyers progress through the customer journey – these are all very important sales tactics. Analytics allows you to measure performance and make adjustments as necessary. These systems are designed to capture, screen, and schedule meetings for potential buyers. They also help you find and stay connected with people who are interested in your products so you can nurture relationships.B2B marketing automation platforms help with lead data cleansing. They delete any extra or redundant info and provide a range of new information about prospects.

When it comes to B2B marketing automation platforms, there are a lot of options for you. Many options in the market offer either robust features or specialization that can meet your needs.

The best 7 are listed below.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Zoho CRM

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Adobe Marketo Engage

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Sage CRM

” A unique marketing strategy that can turn leads into customers.”

Product(s): HubSpot Marketing Hub

Hub SpotOverall Comment: “HubSpot Marketing Hub has a good reputation for being the best & most powerful B2B tech marketing platform. It lets me focus on other important aspects of marketing, like acquiring new leads.HubSpot Marketing Hub is a nifty app that can give you an edge with all your tasks. It has various features, such as correct and efficient information flow.HubSpot has cool features to keep everything running & improving in a more orderly way. I like their layouts for SEO and calendars that are useful. HubSpot Marketing Hub is the best tool I’ve come across for doing lead gen and nurturing. It’s effective.

The best thing about the product

I like the CRM feature that provides all sorts of information about our customers. One example is how they arrived at the site and which pages they visited. As HubSpot’s SEO manager, I’m in charge of managing our site’s keywords. It helps me with research and tracking. And it also lets me make sure that every blog post we publish is awesome! The campaign dashboard helps you to keep tabs on everything from goal tracking and timelines to group collaboration – all in one place.

What did you have a problem with?

Although it has a nice and easy-to-use interface, the SHIFT’s color scheme is kind of bland. New themes have come out but they are all grey. Getting new customers is tough because of the migration process. It’s always done well, but it can be time-consuming, and sometimes leads or existing clients can’t get enough contact.

What prompted you to purchase this product or service?

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a breeze to work with on all devices. We just made it easier for you by integrating it with your favorite apps. Try the HubSpot Marketing Hub and experience the seamless, yet powerful, mobile marketing experience in your pocket. It has a good menu to organize all your social content, and easy to just upload some photos and schedule them. Learning how to edit website pages might seem a bit confusing at first, but the more familiar you get with the layout, the better your writing will be.

What would you do differently if you could start over?

HubSpot Marketing Hub’s constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends so that we can be ahead of the game. Using Hubspot Marketing Hub to integrate our website has made it easy to make quick adjustments and get high-quality data and insights when we need them. HubSpot Marketing Hub has become my go-to marketing tool due to its wide range of features. Emails are pretty darn easy to use and can do all sorts of amazing things that make your business better. I like to plan to use software to upload my leads weekly too. As mentioned above, other options might also be a good choice depending on your situation and preferences. However, in my opinion, HubSpot Marketing Hub is the most powerful tool out there.

Any input is welcome, so feel free to let us know!

HubSpot Marketing Hub keeps your marketing efforts in one place. That way you don’t have to spread yourself too thin and can coordinate between different media channels. This closes the loop and lets you tightly control your marketing strategy. HubSpot is a marketing software that can help enhance campaigns by employing the newest inbound marketing techniques. It’s what top companies like yours should be used to keep your business thriving.

“Super Experience And Great Tool for Organising, Follow Up & Integrations.”

Product(s): Zoho CRM

crm-logoOverall Comment: Zoho CRM has made my life easier by helping me with a bunch of tasks. I use it to manage our CRM, track sales, map the buyer’s journey, and manage our team of sales reps. Apart from that, I set up email campaigns to reach a bigger audience and Zoho made it simple with regular follow-up notifications and different tabs with reports for every email I’ve sent.

Overall Outcome

We appreciate you taking the time to share what you like most about our product or service.

I think the tool is great. It features tons of amazing features and has an incredibly easy-to-use interface. It’s like a form builder. We can create our fields, rows, and even new pages as we need them. Setting up is easy and third-party apps are easy to integrate.

What’s not to like?

The general user interface for this app feels outdated compared to other alternatives in the market. Some customized SQL queries don’t work and there are troubles integrating them with other 3rd party apps.

To learn a new skill and to save time, or maybe both?

  • This process has allowed us to make even quicker adjustments when we need to.
  • Boost decision-making & increase revenue
  • Deadlines always seem to increase in business. To accommodate this, it is important to improve your business process outcomes and make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • They find that many companies want to increase compliance and reduce risk.
  • Incorporate solutions that help you improve customer relations and/or services
  • When you do business with other people or companies, it’s often a good idea to try and make friends.

Why did you choose to do that?

  • They attach a lot of importance to the customer and believe that being able to anticipate and meet their needs with technology is key to success.
  • The things products can do and the lengths they go to provide the best performance.


“Great tool for lower intensity processes and basic analytics on campaigns. Limited when using with campaigns that push data to a CRM.”

Product(s): Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

SalesforceOverall Comment: “If you’re looking to grow your email list, scores leads, or grade them after lead scoring, Pardot is a fantastic app that takes a bit of time to get running but once it’s up and running, it’s great to integrate with other apps. The analytics and measurement tools seem good enough but there are other, even better options for those who want a lot of data.

Lessons Learned

What do you like most about the product or service?

The easiness of creating automation journeys, and the granularity of tracking users’ behavior. It has a great ability to track user behavior on many platforms (web, social media, pdf download), and if you integrate also campaign tracking codes, forms or form handlers, you will get a real marketing automation powerhouse. However, the best results of Pardot are achieved by integrating this system directly with a CRM, so you can distribute all the information collected to Sales and Business Development teams, and you will then be able to design your marketing campaigns using a completely different approach.

What is your biggest gripe about the service/product?

The tool isn’t perfect in the analytics department, and you might struggle to find a suitable replacement. To measure your campaign properly, you’ll need to invest in one of their add-ons (this will cost you an extra fee). It’s not always as speedy as we’d like it to be when it comes to updates, so prepare for a wait time of anywhere between

I usually buy this product because

  • Improve employee compliance and risk management
  • The only way to grow your business is by being original and coming up with new ideas. If you’re not leading the pack, then you’re stacking the deck against yourself.
  • Reduce your company’s costs and increase efficiency.

Why did you choose what you chose, or why not pick an option other than or instead of the one that you did?

  • With a large range of services and an active community, this site is set to be one of your best bets.
  • I often think about my product vision and the milestones I’d like to achieve in the future. It feels incredibly validating when you look back on your strategy after a long time and see how far you’ve come!
  • A lot of products can do things and go places in ways that were never possible before.
  • Pre-existing relationships.

“We’re constantly striving to be better. We want our marketing organization to be at the frontier of social change!”

AdodeProduct(s): Adobe Marketo Engage

Overall Comment: “3 years of successfully integrating with Marketo, and look forward to future integration opportunities.”

What are your favourite aspects of the product/service?

Ease of use; reliability & stability; continuous system updates that enhance user experience; allows you to see the efficacy of your initiatives, events, & campaigns.

What’s your least favourite part of the product or service?

There aren’t many licenses available to clients who don’t have any IT experience (e.g. they just want visibility into the data, but can’t use it). The speed of data refreshes is one benefit of using this software. If there is an error with integration, you are not alerted to it.

Why’d you buy this?

  • Make sure that everything you’re currently doing is improving your productivity and saving you time.
  • A content management system will speed up your operational processes, increase compliance with the regulation & minimize risks.
  • Improve customer relations/services and Improve business process outcomes.

What were the key things that influenced you?

  • It sounds like you have some big plans to grow your business.
  • Has a lot of user expertise and provides service on the internet.
  • Helps you with your product roadmap and future vision
  • Product functionality and performance
  • Pre-existing relationships

Eloqua is a marketing automation tool. It makes it easier for marketers to connect with customers on different platforms.

oracle-eeloqua-logoProduct(s): Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Overall Comment: “I like using Oracle Eloqua; it has all the marketing automation features we need.” The Oracle integration is a strong plus for us. While we were working with them, the Oracle sales team also had good expertise to share about cases that are similar to our own, and they were always happy to demo features for us. The email editor and multi-step campaign canvas were two of their strongest points.

Lessons Learned

We’re glad you like the product. What aspects do you find most appealing?

The Salesforce integration is very effective and easy to configure. The email design editor has a drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy for anyone on the team to create email campaigns. The segmentation tool is really powerful, too – you can really just hand over all your email contact information and they’ll concatenate them into different segments automatically. The campaign canvas is more powerful than other marketing automation platforms.

What don’t you like about the product?

Some aspects of the app still have the old UI and could use an upgrade; this includes the shared/dynamic content area. I would like to see the canvas develop in a way that enables us to provide functionality relating to the program builder. The ability to send emails and add objects would be particularly helpful. Alongside this, it would be great if we could also change the unique ID.

What were the problems that prompted your purchase of this product or service?

We needed a way to target specific customers with personalized communications. This tool should be easy to use for marketing specialists and not require technical support or development.

Why did you buy this product or service?

  • It’s important to have good customer relations. Making sure that customers are happy with their overall experience will boost your reputation in the long term and strengthen your relationships with them.
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve your internal processes
  • Increase profits and market share by learning and adopting innovation
  • Cost management
  • There are many things you can do to improve your business outcomes, here and now

There must have been some key factors in your decision. What were some of them??

  • Products are integral in the workplace, and having a better understanding of their features is crucial for success. Today, we want to go over 3 ways that a professional can help out.
  • Strong customer focus

A great way to keep track of your communications.

DynamicProduct(s): Dynamics 365 Marketing

Overall Comment: Microsoft has been good at supporting us after the purchase. The Fast Track team is dedicated & willing to listen to our needs and find solutions that meet our demands. “The product was a little bumpy in the beginning, but we’ve improved on it a lot over the last few years. Things have been going pretty smoothly.”

Lessons Learned

What do you like most about the product or service?

Our products are of excellent quality and provide solutions to a variety of problems. The complete stack includes BI Portal, Power Automate, Common Data Model, and Azure.

What do you dislike most about the product or service?

Sometimes this platform still has plain-text-only editors from 3rd parties. That’s difficult to read from Microsoft and there isn’t much we can do about it. Today’s consumers have higher expectations than ever, especially when there are word processors and business applications for all aspects of their lives. They want to use the same interfaces that give them quick access to all their tools across different industries if it is a Microsoft product, MS Dynamics seems like the best choice because of its licensing model, but there are many concerns around Power Automate. I haven’t had any experience with it myself but based on what’s been said on the internet, this might be a concern.

Why did you purchase this product or service?

  • To increase your business’ efficiency, you could always try to improve the way it functions. By doing that, you would help it get ready for any obstacle or situation as soon as it needs to.
  • Gain insight’s customer success product helps organizations make better decisions and drive revenue growth.
  • I’d like to save time & effort and be more efficient.
  • Customers are always looking for great customer service.
  • Improve company process outcomes

“A Wonderful CRM”

Product(s): Sage CRM

logo-sage-CRM-01Overall Comment: Sage CRM is a great CRM to manage leads within it. It’s based on the cloud so I can access it from anywhere. This platform is very easy to understand and easy to use, too. I also like the premium look and feel of this CRM, making the interface seem sleek and modern, I’ve been able to manage all leads in the system, giving me a good look at their performance. The pricing is one of the positives. It isn’t expensive, it’s customizable to your needs and easy to link up with other apps. I’ve been quite pleased overall with the service.

Lessons Learned

What do you like most about the product or service?

I love how easily I can personalize my business and integrate it with so many other platforms. It saves me so much time and stress, which is why I use this custom app the most.

What do you dislike most about the product or service?

I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it, but I do want them to fix the Android app for Sage CRM because it’s not so useful. I think the app might be read-only because I can’t work on it – so I don’t like it too much as of now.

Again, if you could start your organization all over again, what changes would you make?

I might have gone for an Oracle

What advice would you give to other potential customers?

I’ve been using CRM software for quite a while now and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. It’s got all the features you need to be able to carry out your sales & marketing campaign without having to go anywhere else.

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