Top Free Anonymous Email Accounts In 2023

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Free Anonymous Email Accounts

An anonymous email conceals the sender’s identity and contains no personally identifiable information. An anonymous email cannot be linked to you. Anonymous email services encrypt your messages so no one can read them if they are intercepted in transit. Your email address, the time the message was sent, the name of your device, and even your IP address will be hidden from the recipient.

Best Anonymous Email Service Providers

To assist you in remaining secure, we reviewed the best anonymous email providers, which offer free encrypted email accounts and complete anonymity.


ProtonProtonMail is a well-known secure email provider. It encrypts your emails before they leave your device while in transit using PGP encryption. ProtonMail also has a zero-knowledge policy, which implies that no one, as well as ProtonMail employees, has access to your messages. A free account includes 500MB of storage and the key ability to send up to 150 messages daily. A paid service with more storage and extra features is available.


Another good choice among online security and privacy experts is Tutanota. They encrypt your entire inbox using their own encryption standard, including the subject lines of your emails and your contacts list. Tutanota adeptly provides end-to-end encryption between users, but you can also actively send encrypted messages to non-users; all they’ll have to decrypt them is a pre-shared password. To create an account, you are not required to enter any personally identifiable information, and the free plan includes a generous 1GB of storage.

Guerrilla Mail

✉ Guerrilla Mail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail AddressGuerilla Mail is another excellent encrypted email service provider. It has been operating for over a decade, offering users free and disposable email addresses that can be wholly used to send and receive anonymous emails. You can even make your own email address or use their “scramble address” feature to generate a random one.

Another fantastic feature is their self-timing messages, which ensure that any messages you receive last an hour, providing additional security against breaches.


AnonAddy is an acronym for “Anonymous Email Address,” which pretty much sums up what it does. It is an open-source and transparent email-forwarding service that encrypts your emails and does not track you. It also does not employ ad targeting. AnonAddy protects your privacy by allowing you to host multiple emails through an aliases system.


PrivateEmailPrivateMail provides an encrypted email service that is anonymous. It employs end-to-end OpenPGP encryption, encrypts your stored files, and allows you to enable email and contact self-destruction. The facility is also helpful for safe file sharing. It does not encrypt data on its servers, so personal information is never accessible to employees.


Mailfence is yet another email system that uses OpenPGP for end-to-end encryption. It offers secure email services and other features such as a calendar, contacts, documents, etc. You can also use aliases to manage your different identities and filter your incoming emails to protect your privacy and avoid spam.

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