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Most of the studies shown that the human brain has always adeptly processed images faster than words, so the new marketing strategy trend of incorporating visuals does not come as big surprise for passionate users.

Users Prefer Visuals

Many studies reflect that readers pay close attention to photos and other images that offer respective information. Thereby they select to ignore words and add pictures that are easily used to fill up the WebPages. The visual content also has the great potential to get massive views and engagement, which finally leads to a better conversion rate in typical online marketing.

Mostly Don’t Like to Read

It is reported that the average attention span of humans immensely hitting an all-time low, most of us get distracted in simple manner. Also most visitors will simply skim through a web page, actively reading roughly 20% of the text. They are likely to spend less than 15 seconds reading the text on a webpage and also most probably missing out on the important message you wish to convey.

Visuals mostly trigger an Emotion

The brain retains visuals more efficiently; it also has a good chance of evoking emotion from readers. A clear image gets viewers to act and think in several ways. It also assists to control their behaviour without their realization.

Act of More Memorable

Several studies enumerate that it is simpler to remember things when people see them in a visual format. In addition they are also retained for a more extended period of time as compared to reading or hearing the same details.

Social Media Engagements Far Good with Visuals

More precisely visual content could be immense asset for marketers who wish to promote their product/service through social media. Numerous studies prove that:

  • Proven fact that Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets
  • Also seen that Facebook posts with images see 2-3X more engagement than those without
  • Posts that comprise images have a 650% higher engagement rate
  • Also 6 billion video ads are watched online each year
  • Precisely the Instagram users share 95 million photos daily

The users are primarily ready to enjoy or immerse visuals in every format, so add few varieties to make your content stand out. Moreover the visuals or words are both effective on their own. Thereby when you combine them both, you could expect great results from your top online marketing strategy.

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