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Almost any major news outlet has at least a few articles about the impending recession and how to prepare for it. While few officials talk about recession as a given, the media certainly does.

Forecasting Tool

If you have an existing content library, you can use it for more than just attracting traffic or leads. It can serve as the foundation for your trend analysis. Log in to Google Search Console to see which of your content pieces received the most clicks in the previous month. What makes this different from the previous three or six months?

Is there a pattern here? If so, you may have discovered a new trend, such as increased demand for your product/service or decreased demand for something else.

Maintain Flexibility and Adaptability

In a recession, things are different. For example, while the economy was booming, your content strategy was most likely centred on client acquisition. Throughout a downturn in the economy, you may need to regroup and refocus on top-of-funnel opportunities. There may be fewer opportunities to sell, but there are undoubtedly more opportunities to engage with new prospects, make new contacts, and so on.

Doing what you can when you can is the key to surviving a recession. If you cannot sell your high-ticket items right now, it may be time to reconsider your content strategy and see how you can regroup. Don’t turn off your content and wait for the storm to pass. Be available to provide shelter through relevant information to those in need.

Actively Capitalize on Trends

When instances are uncertain, trends shift faster than usual. Remember how popular pet adoption and at-home workouts were during the lockdowns? They arrived as quickly as they could.

Organizations that anticipated these demands thrived while others struggled to make ends meet. How did they manage it? They took advantage of emerging trends.

They did not wait for everyone who required the services of an online fitness trainer to contact them. Instead, they streamed workouts live from their now-empty gym. Google Trends is one tool for detecting trends before they fade away. You can enter a keyword related to your industry and watch how the search evolves.

It is always necessary to be able to pivot quickly. However, a recession can mean the difference between your business failing and thriving. During difficult economic times, your audience is unlikely to read your most recent blog post simply because they have a few minutes to kill. They want to read something useful, something that will help them.

Final Words

This is why your SEO and content marketing strategy must be rooted in what people are looking for now, their interests, and how you can help them now. Speaking of now, it’s also a good time to start investing in SEO, so you have a few ranking pieces of content to fall back on when things get pretty difficult.

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