Multicountry Payroll Solutions

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Multicountry Payroll Solutions

Multicountry payroll (MCP) is a payroll approach that unifies the provision of payroll software and/or services across at least two countries.


Cloud-based global payroll startup CloudPay raises $25 million to expand its global presence | Tech News | Startups NewsCloudPay created a SaaS solution that ushers payroll into the future by combining payroll data, processes, and analytics into a single global solution. As businesses expand their international operations, they require a more sophisticated method of dealing with global payroll challenges. They begin looking for a centralized platform capable of integrating payroll across borders, providing consistent reporting, and ensuring compliance with local laws.


Payslip’s cohesive, global-first data approach unlocks and standardizes global payroll data, enabling greater insight into all payroll elements, such as salary expenses and taxes by region, country, and employee. Payslip allows businesses to utilize payroll data to gain actionable insights and make informed real-time decisions.

ADP Global Payroll

logoADP’s cloud-based GlobalView Payroll platform simplifies global payroll by utilizing a single system of record to unify employee data across the globe while accommodating local payroll rules to ensure compliance. It is a simple and effective solution for storing and viewing employee and payroll information.

Alight Global Payroll

AlightAlight Global Payroll, previously NGA Global Payroll, is payroll management software. It is explicitly designed to assist multinational corporations in maintaining globally compliant payrolls. The system guarantees that each employee is recognized for their outstanding performance in their roles. Every employee is paid in compliance with international standards, increasing team members’ motivation and production.

HR Blizz

Mercans HR Blizz Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2HR Blizz is a self-service cloud-based proprietary SaaS suite created by Mercans software engineers to automate global payroll processes and centralize data management for international employees. The worldwide payroll and talent management SaaS suite is protected by military-grade data security.

It reduces the risks associated with human data processing to provide accurate, well-transparent, and controlled quality global payroll outsourcing. All relevant global payroll data and employee information are consolidated into a single secure interface. Data and workflows can be accessed in real-time from anywhere and on any device.


Latest Immedis Release Takes Global Touchless Payroll to the Next Level | Business WireImmedis is the world’s leading provider of consolidated global payroll solutions. The Immedis Platform, which processes payroll in over 150 countries, provides a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting capability, all while ensuring legislative compliance and data security. The deep integration capabilities of Immedis with HCM and finance providers significantly simplify multi-country payroll obligations. The Clune Technology Group was founded and owned the majority of Immedis.


LanoYou can hire the best talent in the world without needing an entity. Global payments for all employee types should be automated. Payroll can be consolidated across multiple entities from a single screen. Worldwide access to local payroll partners Integrate Lano with your existing payroll providers to reduce payroll for your global team. Pay freelancers and contractors following local laws. To improve your workflow, automate invoice approvals and payments. Pay your team in over 50 currencies and take advantage of the best exchange rates. You can send international bulk payments with a single click and track your transfers in real-time online.

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