Top 12 Apps for Kindergarten Kids

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Don’t be surprised if one day, your young child will be more adept on the computer than you will be. Many youngsters already know how to navigate computers much better than their parents. So giving your little one a (time-limited) head start on one of these apps may not be such as bad idea for the development of their inevitable future technological know-how.


App Name: Art My Kid Made

Developer: Gramercy Consultants


Your kids are artistic geniuses, and you don’t want to throw away any of their masterpieces. But when their works start piling up and there’s no room left on the walls or refrigerator, what can you do? Store them by taking a picture on your device then upload them to this app. You can even share their creations on Facebook, Twitter or the My Kid Made blog. They could even be chosen as artist of the day.


App Name: Disney Pixel’d

Developer: Disney


Let your little ones have fun with animation developed by the legendary leaders of children’s entertainment. Create your own image or take a popular Disney character pixel stamp and make your very own pixel art animated clip. With 20 animation frames, three drawing layers on the canvas and shape tools to allow for easy drawing, your children’s art is only limited by their imagination.


App Name: Playart

Developer: Tapook Publishing


Take classic works of art from Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Klee and Rousseau and have your kids make them their own with Playart, one of the Guardian’s top 50 apps for children. Not only will they learn fascinating facts about these fine art masters, they’ll enjoy using the tools to re-arrange over 100 elements on 25 canvasses, according to their own creativity.


App Name: Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat Color & Create!

Developer: Random House Digital, Inc.


Based on Dr. Seuss’s classic book and the American public television children’s program, this app allows kids to color use special effects and learn fun science lessons about animals and nature. Allow their creativity to flourish with two coloring packs, eight creative tools, patterns, stickers and even confetti. Share their work with friends and family through email, too.


App Name: Singing Alphabet

Developer: Ministry of Letters ltd


Learning the alphabet has never been more enjoyable than it is with the Singing Alphabet. First, children press a letter, and its phonetic sound will be sung. Then they can press different letter keys to create their own songs by choosing different letter combinations. Using the pen button at the bottom of the screen, kids can also explore writing their own words.


App Name: Little Digits

Developer: Cowly Owl Ltd


Your young children can develop their number sense in a memorable and fun way with Little Digits. With the help of delightful animated characters, they will learn numbers and simple arithmetic just by touching the screen with the number of fingers they place on it. Voice commands are in English, but you can customize it in your own native language, if you wish.


App Name: Funimal Phonics

Developer: School of Happy Ltd


Give your toddler a solid head start in learning their letter sounds with Funimal Phonics. With an interactive format that allows children to learn their phonics independently and fluently, this program can be used with either American or British enunciation. Learning letter sounds will be enjoyable, effective and memorable!


App Name: Barefoot World Atlas

Developer: Touch Press


Is your child fascinated with maps and learning about foreign cultures and languages? Then allow them to take an interactive world journey on your device with the Barefoot World Atlas. With BBC TV presenter Nick Crane guiding them, they’ll explore geography, people in different countries and the environment, all in richly illustrated pictures and graphics. A 3D globe forms the centerpiece for this wonderful app.


App Name: Around The Clock

Developer:  Wombi Holding AB


Chosen as one of the 50 best apps for kids by the Guardian, this program introduces children to telling time through 24 fun interactive games – one for every hour of the day! The games correspond to different activities performed throughout the day, and enable children to learn time in a meaningful context. Intuitive and easy to use, your children will love learning about time.


App Name: Cause and effect sensory

Developer: Cognable


Help your young or special needs child develop touch awareness and gestures through play and exploration of combined visuals and sound. Originally developed for teens with autism, visual and developmental disabilities, this program teaches sensory integration skills with 21 different scenes using either one finger or a hand.



App Name: Moshi Monsters: Moshlings

Developer: Mind Candy Ltd


Let your child’s imagination run wild with this creatively crazy app. Moshlings are the Moshi Monsters’ pets, each with their own unique traits. With the 60 included stickers and 100 Moshlings, they can personalize their own characters, as well as take a picture of them to show family and friends.


App Name: A Day at the Circus

Developer: Wombi Holding AB


A great introduction to storytelling, this app will engage kids in a humorous tale about circus animals and clowns. Kids then play 20 games related to the characters’ adventures, all the while enjoying wonderful animation, music and sounds. A Day at the Circus is a simple-to- use program that your children can easily engage with their own.


Keeping children busy for extended periods of time can prove to be far more difficult than it ever was in the past. Technology is such common place that children are bored without it. That is why a range of apps just for children exist – to give them something fun to do, while in some cases also educating them.

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