Top 10 Apps for Task Management

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 With life being hectic and fast-paced, just about everyone from high-level executives to stay-at-home parents needs a time management program. Apps are perfect for this function, as they are mostly on portable devices that are taken everywhere. Check out the bestselling and highest-rated below.


App Name: Wunderlist

Developer: 6 Wunderkinder


Take control of your day with this highly rated productivity app. Just input your daily tasks into Wunderlist, and your information will be automatically synched to your website account and any other Apple device you have. Emails and push notifications will keep you informed on items due, plus you can share your lists with others for easy project management.


App Name: Producteev

Developer: Producteev Inc.


With the unique “workspace” feature, where you can work collaboratively, you can use this time-management tool to sync your tasks to co-workers and team members. It works just as well as an individual organization program. Connect through the web, mobile, IM or email. If you are offline, Producteev can still sync in the background with its other apps.


App Name: Evernote

Developer: Evernote


If you need to jot down quick notes and want to have them on all of your devices, Evernote can meet that demand. Not only will it take notes, but it can store pictures, connect with social media and email, create task lists, record voice reminders and organize it all so you can find your information quickly. See why the New York Times has named it as one of the “Top 10 Must-Have Apps.”


App Name: Due

Developer: Phocus LLP


With Due, you can write down a task and set up a reminder for it instantly. No logging on to a website, creating an account and waiting for the confirmation email. You won’t have to set dates, priorities or categories. If you do need reminders, just create one or a smart badge to help you monitor upcoming or outstanding tasks. You can even use it as an egg timer!


App Name: Droplr

Developer: Droplr, LLC


You’re out of the office, but you want to share an important document with a colleague. No problem. Just upload it, any photo, file or link to Droplr’s clipboard, and you can easily send it via email, instant message or social media. Establish a Droplr account on their website, and you can save and manage all of your “drops.”


App Name: TeuxDeux

Developer: swissmiss & Fictive Kin


With its eye-catching design and high usability, TeuxDeux is an easy way to manage your daily tasks. Go on to their website, create your lists, and they will automatically upload into the iPhone app, so you can take them wherever you go. You can set up multiple accounts, drag and drop items into different days and even keep some items in a “Someday” section for the future.


App Name: GoTasks

Developer: Evgeniy Shurakov


If Google Apps is your preferred platform, use the task-management program that was created to work with it. You can set up multiple accounts, notifications of upcoming items, sort by date, title or status, create badges, highlight overdue tasks on a prominent list, and even work offline if needed.


App Name: Clear

Developer: Realmac Software


The appropriately labelled Clear can help you keep your life simple and smoothly functioning. With its intuitive and flexible interface, you can easily make lists that reflect your lifestyle. Write down your personal to-do tasks, movies to watch, shopping lists, party guests, even your own “bucket list” of big life goals.


App Name: Task Eater

Developer: Tobias Wiedenmann


A clean and elegant design on Task Eater enables you to see your important tasks at a glance. Once you have written up your task list, add badges, notification sounds and category icons to let you know when something is due. You can also set up custom repeat intervals by days.


App Name: iTalk Recorder

Developer: Griffin Technology


Remember when you needed a separate microcassette recorder to capture a thought or important piece of information? Now you can have a fully functioning device in your iPhone with iTalk Recorder. With three amazing levels of sound quality, you’ll be able to record anything from meetings and lectures to sounds of nature.


Keeping on top of your tasks can be daunting when you live a busy life. This is why so many apps exist to help you out. These are some of the best, and so hopefully your life will be made easier with them in your life.

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