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Have you ever sat and thought about how much you’d love to learn a new skill? Maybe you want to learn something totally random, purely out of curiosity, or you want to pick up a new skill that will further your career. Maybe you want to ditch your career and start a new business. Whatever skill you want to learn, or path you want to explore, Skills Co is where you’ll find an expert to help.

Learning a new skill online isn’t a new concept. Unfortunately, it usually involved paying for questionable advice, trying to follow outdated blog posts or sitting through countless ads while watching video tutorials. Skills Co provides an affordable platform with over 500 unique categories and course created by genuine experts.

Courses are divided into individual lessons, so you can work through each course at your own pace. You can use their website www.skills-co.com or download their app on iOS if you want to learn on the go. Your progress and courses are saved across devices so you can switch between them whenever you want.

For pros, Skills Co offers an attractive package with low costs and high payouts. Pros get to keep around 90% of their profits, minus a processing fee, and only have to pay a flat monthly price of $10. Chances are you’ll make your money back after just one person buys your course, with the rest being (almost) pure profit. With a one-time effort, anybody with skills to teach can make passive income online.

Using Skills Co alongside YouTube a great way to boost your passive income even more. While how-to videos on YouTube are popular and can attract a lot of views, actually learning a skill on the platform can be frustrating. By sending your viewers to your Skills Co page they’ll have access to quality, structured video courses and make you more money than with YouTube ad revenue alone.

The platform is still quite new and growing quickly, so now is a great time to sign up. As a pro you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower competition, quickly establish yourself as a category leader and get a head start over your competition.

Available to download now on iOS, or visit their website www.skills-co.com

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