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YAPA is the new sensation in social media which cares for its users. To make its usage easy and instant developers have installed it with some of the pre-saved help! This helps people to express themselves without even needing to type anything! This is simply going to be the revolution creating an impacting app and thus making people more aware of their need for expressing and mental health.

Key Features of YAPA

•          On fingertips: This one is able to be used very easily due to the pre-saved status updates, simply get to add your mood by selecting from the various options available on the list!

•          Colors make it beautiful: The background color of mood makes it appealing and ever more creative to help people explain their mood. Even if the current mood is all about anger!

•          Friends: This one definitely is not only about friends but definitely helps in searching for friends through the use of a search button. This helps in making a presence on YAPA counted well!

•          Settings: keep your privacy protected and change it the way you want to get it to change anytime later by switching to this menu.

•          Privacy protected: This one helps in making sure that no spam accounts are present on this platform by making the account by securing it with issuing an OTP or one-time password.

•          Keep your profile as a window to your personality: Allows the user to add the profile picture and share a few words about yourself. When mood changes change it and get your people to know about your routine.

How to send yaps?

Sending a text message has never been a burden for you and this is the same with yaps also! This is very simple with YAPA and thus gets to edit or type the new text as per your desire and mood! Get to express and explain things with more of the concern and thus get to make the best of every moment and emotions of your daily routine.

This is a lot better than others as it helps people to go ahead with no like, no comment and no photo to be uploaded as well. This not only secures your privacy but also helps to make sure that your emotions are expressed well. Thus simply send a yap and hence helps in making sure that your emotions are expressed helping you to maintain your mental health which is very important to be taken care of these days!

Last words:

In this highly technological world, there is so much more to make sure that mental health is taken care of in a well way. Thus having a buddy like YAPA to share your emotions are taken care of in the best possible way with no necessary intervention by any comments or likes!

Summary: The new revolution in the world of the app is created by the yaps created by YAPA. An app that creates buzz to last for complete 72 hours and hence making sure that the technology is bringing in mental healthiness for sure!

•          Creativity: 5

•          User Interface: 4.5

•          Usability: 4.5

•          Connectivity: 5

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