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When I’m under a lot of anticipation towards latest mobile app arrivals which happens to be a lot these days, I like to just sit down and search some useful apps for a while to take all salient features which would rather benefit users. Personally, I find SmartCoparent – Ultimate Co-Parenting Solution developed by Moiety, Inc. is one of the quality app I can suggest for users, because they’re highly beneficial.

This app is efficaciously founded by a certified divorce financial Analyst (CDFA®); SmartCoparent is the ultimate co-parenting solution for families and professionals. This app is able to share unlimited calendar event store and share contacts, documents. They could create, track, send and receive support payments on-line in under a minute. The users can use their dashboard to monitor messages, calendar updates, and overdue support payments.

The app is able to manage user’s expenses, and budget. They also effectively monitor cash flow, and support payment activity with advanced reporting tools. In addition the family professionals can also join. The app could create preliminary calendars, access court ready reports, communicate with your client, send invoices and receive payments on-line.

Everything is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features which just show or enumerate how much care was put into the app during development.  The key features are namely as one could able to create share and track shared calendar events, easily send support payment requests online, attach and share receipts, medical bills, etc..The SmartCoparent app also track expenses online and accept online support payments.

The users could also create and send recurring payment requests. The app could manage, store and share important family contacts & documents. In addition they can also monitor, manage cash flow and overdue support payments. The passionate users can receive Instant mail notifications for messages, calendar events and payments. Moreover the lawyers and professionals could also create preliminary calendar events, message clients, share documents and even invoice clients and get paid on-line.

You could also come across In-App messaging, share attachments and keep a private journal. The app also automatically sends reminders of overdue support payments. They are also made kid friendly accounts where they could share calendar, and messaging with co-parents. The users can simply run detailed support payment, and financial activity reports.

More effectively you can also invite unlimited members children and adults to join their SmartCoparent account. The users can also share only what you like, keep all other events, docs and contacts private. Amazingly the app is credited to access over 10,000 professionals. You can also get valuable discounts from everything from sitters to school supplies from partners. Altogether SmartCoparent is a splendid app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.



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