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When someone in my close circle suggested that I download the Outist app, I was not sure if I needed one more app on my mobile. I still went ahead and installed Outist a few days later. I now recommend it to everyone I meet. The reasons are simple. This is a great app. It helps you establish instant contact with people you might not have known before but may share a lot in common.

The Outist app is pushed as a travel-friendly app. The idea behind this is if you land in a new place and hardly know anyone, you just need to open this app and check how many people can be contacted in the new location who may have profiles matching yours. Let us presume you are researching climate change and its effect on future generations. You would definitely find one or two people living close to the place you are staying at this new location. You can send a message to them through the app. If they are also interested in meeting you and discussing the common areas of interest, you could set up a meeting and go through with it.

That’s how I found at least a dozen new acquaintances during my recent travels around the country and even overseas. Now, we have grown into a community of our own, sharing a lot of important information and we are even hoping to arrange a meeting under one roof soon.

The Outist need not be used just to link up with individuals. You will also get information on any event happening in your area that might interest you. Let’s say you are a dog lover. If there’s an event like a dog show close by and you are around, the app will show this up as an alert. You have to give permission to the app while registering for the first time for it to access your location. This is routine permission almost every app will seek when you download and install it. Google has assured that it has modified its permission policies and the apps are monitored by Google to ensure that your privacy is not compromised.

You should therefore not be overly concerned about allowing the Outist app to get your location and keep providing you information about the people and interests close to your location with identical profiles.

Outist is a very useful app to have on your mobile device.

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