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If you have an iPhone, you will always want to play media files from them on the Apple TV, laptop or other Android or iOS device. This can be made possible with the help of the Snifferton app. As it identifies all the Bluetooth devices close to you, you will find it a whole lot easier to share files inside your home or office.

You just have to download and install it on your mobile phone and there you go. Just tap open the app and under the dashboard you can get the details of all the bluetooth devices near you. The usability of Snifferton doesn’t end here as you can use this same app by downloading it on all devices and syncing all of them. By this method, you can transfer as many media files as you want to one another.

With Snifferton, you can mark individual devices in order to trace their activity. The info of the recently added devices is cleanly jotted on this app. In case, there is any suspicious activity around and you see a new device near you, you can always be aware of it. This can greatly be helpful when you want to be aware of the hackers around.

Just turn on the app and Bluetooth and you have everything in one place. Snifferton is very good at sniffing devices that are close to you. It detects devices that are the size of half a football length. This utility app is something that you must carry with as a handy tool on your smartphone. It clearly gives the total number of devices that are near you and also the amount of time that they were near. It gives the name of each individual device with their signal strength.

Snifferton is available free of cost at a price of 4.99 USD pre tax per month as a promotional offer. The app comes only in English and suits all devices that operate on iOS 13.2 and above versions. The publisher Thomas Thompson has given in much effort to come up with this unique app and I am already using it in my office. You need not worry about how much space it takes, as it is very less as 1.1 MB and you won’t have any difficulty in using it as it is user friendly and easy to understand.

Get Snifferton this instant and be aware of all the devices around you.

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