Mountain Madness – Ski With The Cute Penguin and Help Him Survive The Avalanche

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One interesting game that I came across recently is the Mountain Madness. What would you do if you are stuck up in the polar region and an avalanche is upon you? You must gather all the courage with in and try to escape at the earliest possible time. Isn’t it? This particular game features a penguin which skies. The theme is to help him ski away from the hot avalanche that takes upon.

To achieve this, you have to use your thumb finger to move the penguin along the ice mountain. A gentle move of the thumb finger will bring him down without much ado. You can use the thumb to move the character from left to right and use gentle movements to maintain your speed.

The app is offered by JaffaJam, a New Zealand company that helps indie game developers to achieve better. Mountain Madness has a lot of impressive factors to keep you playing for hours together. It has many cute characters with amazing events and power-ups on each level.You have to avoid hitting the trees and other hurdles on the path so that you don’t get wiped out. The app is a casual game and is rated 3+ and hence there is no harm in downloading it for kids.

The Most Notable Features of MountainMadness:

  • The concept of Mountain Madness is so unique where you get to help the penguin save his life from the approaching avalanche.
  • The GUI of the app is so perfect and you get the feel of being in an Iceland for a while.
  • There are no compulsive purchases in the app. You can choose to make in-app purchases for an ad free version and for adding other characters.
  • Many challenges with different tree lined trails to mountain village and road terrains with different obstacles are featured to test your gaming strategy and co-ordination.
  • The different characters to be added instead of the cute penguin: like the bear, panda, chicken and fox each with different names make the game more funny.

In the course of the game, you must move in slow motion as you encounter other fellow skiers on the path so that you do not trip over them. The different levels as you traverse and the number of coins earned are displayed at the top of the screen.With all the skiing, smashing and rushing towards the finish line, the game gets interesting as you play each level. Without doubt, Mountain Madness is one of its kind and is a perfect way of pastime.

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