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ProductEngine moves pricing from spreadsheets to a centralised system where you can manage and share pricing and product information. No more searching for the correct version! Pricing can be securely shared with staff, customers, and systems from within ProductEngine. Get all of your product and pricing information in one place. Manage, collaborate, and securely share your product and pricing data from a centralised location.

What exactly is a ProductEngine?

It’s similar to a spreadsheet, but with additional features for managing pricing and product information. ProductEngine improves accuracy, saves time, and provides a single source of truth for your pricing and product data. No more wasting time looking for the most recent version of the spreadsheet!

A Spreadsheet-like Interface Makes You Feel at Ease

With all of the spreadsheet functions you know and love for pricing calculations. In addition, pricing-specific functions such as addmargin and profit are available.

All of Your Pricing and Product Information Can Be Found In One Place

Product codes, pricing, margins, images, files, SKUs, and product descriptions, among other things, can all be imported, created, and saved in your product library.

Securely Share Pricing With Your Staff, Customers, and Systems

You have complete control, with invites sent securely to team members and customers to view the most recent pricing in ProductEngine. Additionally, API integration is available to connect your other critical systems.

The Right Version Every Time!

All viewers must be authenticated in order for you to know who is viewing which price list. ProductEngine ensures that your viewers are always viewing the correct version.

All of Your Supplier Price Lists Can Be Found In One Place

Import supplier pricing from a CSV file or directly from the supplier’s ProductEngine.  Then, only add what you require to your product Library and set your sell prices.

Final Words

It is the only place where your product and pricing data feels at ease. They are absolutely simple with user-friendly platform for managing products and pricing.


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