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DapIt is a fantastic new gift card wallet. Nothing new there though, is there? You’re right, being a great gift card wallet isn’t what separates DapIt from the crowd. What makes this a great app is the ability to buy, sell and send gift cards all in one place. It’s available to download now on iOS and Google Play.

On the tip of the iceberg, DapIt lets you easily store and use your gift cards from the app. No need to carry around countless plastic cards just in case you decide to go to that one particular restaurant, everything you need is already stored on your phone.

In addition to that you can also buy and send gift cards to friends, pretty much instantly, and it only takes a moment. You can browse through local businesses listed on the platform, choose a friends’ favorite store and voila – send them an awesome gift card for their birthday, Christmas or just because you’re a great friend. Not sure what store or restaurant a friend likes? You can be alerted when they check in somewhere and send them a surprise gift card to use immediately!

If you’re on the receiving end of an unwanted gift card, it doesn’t need to be awkward. Not anymore. On DapIt you can use the gift card exchange to sell your unwanted, unused gift cards for actual money. The platform only takes a small fee and takes 3-5 business days to transfer, so it’s a viable solution to liquidate the gift cards you won’t use.

DapIt can help business owners looking to increase customer loyalty, boost their local visibility and ultimately grow their business. Users will have a more convenient way to pay with their mobile device and it’ll allow them to bring in more business from users of the DapIt social platform.

Buy, manage & sell gift cards easily with DapIt – download now on iOS and Google Play or visit the website at

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