The Importance of App Reviews

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Playtime can be a great indicator – This is particularly true for gaming app reviews, and has become more important recently, but play time on these games is important for determining whether or not  an app review can be trusted – many marketplaces will now show how much time a player has spent in game and can certainly help find those who have invested a little more, and with services around gambling in particular as a huge number of new players have become attracted to these services, and many here rely on good reviews to help pull in new players.

Checking past reviews can help too – Another great indicator is to check a user’s previous reviews – if they haven’t issued a review before or have a history of a string of poor reviews, it may be much easier to discredit the review – the same may certainly be true for someone who has only issued very high reviews for specific titles, as the same suggestion that the review isn’t legit will be true too.

Some sites are available particularly for this reason – For some of the biggest shopping sites like Amazon, sites have been set up to help give a trust score to reviews and help determine whether that review is likely more legit or not, and the same is becoming true for the different app marketplaces too as they continue to grow. If you’re ever uncertain and not all information is available to you, these different services are certainly a great way to go.

You’ll want to know you’re getting the best possible experience from your widely used apps, especially if you’re going to be spending your hard-earned money on it, a good app review is important to ensure you’re receiving the best experience and certainly should be something investigated.

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