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Do you often read books during the bedtime? If you are fond of reading then you definitely read before you sleep. I think it’s a good habit and everyone should adopt it. Whether you are reading a story book, a novel, a journal, or a book full of knowledge. It depends on your taste and your requirement. It not only keeps you engaged, but good for your brain as well. For example- general knowledge books are a great source of knowledge and good for your memory and make you smart. But, you can only learn through those books and can’t test yourself until you take a self-test. So you must try quiz games online or install educational apps that test your general knowledge. 

Today, I have brought am amazing gaming app for you to test your general knowledge. It’s known as Mindoo, which has been developed by Patrick Dittrich. The app offers you so many quizzes based on a number of categories around 130. It covers everything in the category, such as Art, Economy, Sports, Geography, People, Culture, Transportation and Traffic, Miscellaneous, and many more categories. You only need to download the app and starting playing it without any Login. Just choose the category and the sub-category and a quiz will be displayed on the screen. You need to answer the questions at the specified time and you’ll get your score once you have submitted the test. You can thus test yourself according to your scores and improve your knowledge.

You need to only answer the questions and select the tick icon if you are right or select the wrong icon if you are wrong. It will display the result in the form of percentage out of 100%, say- 70%, which means 70 percent of your answers are correct. Once you have completed the topic and become perfect in that, you can switch to another topic if you want to or practice again. It will not only enhance your knowledge, but also boost your confidence.

The Mindoo is a flash card game which in one of the best games to test your general knowledge. These kind of apps are a good exercise for your brain. You can choose between original and shuffle game mode while playing the game. It’s an educational based game which is available for free to download on the iTunes Store and the Google App Store. Moreover, you can play the game offline and at anytime, anywhere. It also offers in-app purchases which offers quizzes under 130 categories and the content updates regularly.

The interface of the app is quite intuitive and gives you a great experience. The app is easy to use and handle as you can play it on any device which is handy for you. It relieves your stress as well as improves your IQ level while learning in a fun way. The menu of the app displays so many columns such as categories, instructions to play the quiz, rules for score, etc. So, I would say that the Mindoo is an amazing app for learning about the whole world and increase your GK.

The app is available on the App Store. Grab it now!

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