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Today, in this modern era of living, a pet is the only one who loves you unconditionally. Honestly speaking, people are very selfish nowadays and think about themselves only. But, a pet is always honest to their owners and will love them for no reason. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you look like for them, your pet will always love you. You can adopt a dog who is trained and is available at just a small cost that you can afford. He will always be loyal to you and keeps your home safe. There are millions of animals who roam in streets without shelter.

By adopting a pet, you’re giving them food and shelter and thus saving a life. When you have a dog as a pet, you are more active because he needs care always. You need to feed him food, wash him, take care of his health, take him to walk daily. Ultimately, a dog needs more care than a baby and keeps you energetic by reducing your stress as well! They bring joy and fulfillment to the house and make you happier. They boost your social life and lead to more conversation and social connections.

It’s very necessary to take your dog for a walk 2-3 times in a day. He enjoys walking outside and loves the environment. Today, I will introduce to you an amazing dog walker app known as Mean which will not only record your dog walk but also record your walk and take care of your family. Developed by dotD, Inc., Mean app is the number one app to record your dog’s walk with yours!

Whenever you go for a walk, you can press the start button and record your dog’s walk and press stop when you are back or rush into a train or car. You can also stop when your dog wants to pee or poo. It will record the total distance covered, the route, time and the frequency of your walk on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. When you Login on the app, the dashboard page displays the number of walks done as compared to the target you set. Mean app lets you save your favourite spot or a famous park when you stay there for more than 10 minutes. For future reference, you can create your own territory map with the heat map.

In a nutshell, I would say Mean app records your dog’s walk, makes regular walking routines, keeps an eye on your dog’s health, saves your precious memories with your dog. You can find a dog walking nearby, share your memories with your family and friends on social media.

So enjoy every walk with your dog and keep him healthy by creating a fitness routine with him and become his best friend forever! Mean is available on the iTunes Store for absolutely free of cost and it offers in-app purchases @ $2.99 per month. It requires iOS 11.0 or any later versions of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Give it a try now!

Pros: record your dog walk in real-time; create memories; manage your dog’s health; keep you active and your dog healthy; free to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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