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The best digital signage app makes using digital signage to advertise your services or present information simple and easy. However, you’ll need the best digital signage app to get the most out of this clever technology. Cloud Signage for Google DriveTM PRO is a simple cloud-based digital signage app that is adeptly integrated with Google Drive and does not need a paid subscription.

Updates to Remote Content

By simply saving images and videos to a specific folder in your Google Drive, you can automatically update the contents of your signage.

There Is No Subscription Fee

You pay once and can use it indefinitely.

Simple Configurations

To begin, only a few options are available. Of course, there are more advanced options.

Display Orientation Is Adaptable

Because the app can handle content orientation, displays can be set at any angle.

Android 5.0+ Is Required.

As dedicated signage devices, low-cost Android devices can be used.

Android TV Is Supported

Digital signage can make use of large-screen displays.

Web Pages Are Supported

As signage content, web pages (.url/.webloc files) can be used.

Displaying In Collaboration

Displays can synchronize across multiple devices using precise internet time.

Auto Start upon Device Boot (Enterprise Licence Only)

Without root access, the app can be launched automatically when the device is turned on. 1 excluding Android TV 10

  • Removal/Customization of the Watermark Logo (Enterprise Licence Only)

Signage can be completely customized for commercial use.

Auto Launch on Device Boot

Without root access, the app can automatically launch when the device boots.

Several Key Functions

  • Separate settings for each piece of content
  • As signage content, use a website.
  • Signage that appears when the device boots
  • Display synchronization with multiple devices

Order of contents

Images and videos in the given Google Drive folder are shown in the order they were saved. If you want to change the order, add numbers to the beginning of the file names (for example, 01image.jpg, 02image.jpg) or modify the file name.

Final Say

Cloud Signage for Google DriveTM PRO is a streamlined cloud-based digital signage app with no monthly fees.

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