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How do you control the daily routine activities of your child, especially during these tough times when kids are staying at home? I know it’s hard to manage your kids all the time at home along with your work as well, but there is no other option too! We need to cooperate with them and want the same from them as well. Am I right? If you want everything on the track, you need to plan a daily routine chart of activities to be done by your child. It’ll become super easy and the things will be sorted. For example- how much time your child is spending in front of the screen, does he clean his room and help you with household chores, how much he is studying, playing, sleeping, etc. There are so many things to do in a day. But, not all the tasks are completed in the whole day due to one or the other reason. Either the child becomes lazy or he/she makes excuses. However, if you encourage them to do tasks in a fun and entertaining way, they will surely perform well.

So, what I want to say is that, you know your child better and only you can plan for your child’s daily activities. You have two options: make a checklist and paste it on the wall and ask your child to tick as he completes the task. The other option is : KITEBOARD– an amazing app which simplifies your work and organizes the daily tasks and creates a checklist for your child. Not only this, it also encourages the child by giving them coins as rewards once they have completed the task for the whole day. Now, the choice is yours, which option do you want to choose? Well, I will go with the second option which is Kiteboard because I don’t want to make my child feel bored. Isn’t it?

Kiteboard is an online solution for parents who are busy in their work life and still want to keep an eye on their children just to make sure they are doing right in their daily routine life. With this app, you will come closer to your children and play, laugh, exercise, and dance with them. They will do their work on their own and develop responsibility and will know the limitations of doing a particular thing such as controlling their screen time.

The app creates a child’s daily affairs checklist by adding tasks given by you for the day. You can take inspiration from the templates or make your own. The app gives awards in coins and hence the child performs to earn them. The more tasks they complete, the more they will earn. In this way, the child will understand what you want from him and get motivated. Once the tasks are completed, the award is credited to the child only after your confirmation, so that the child doesn’t cheat. So, you need to devote only 5 minutes daily on this app and everything will be sorted.

Overall, Kiteboard is a very simple, easy-to-use and well refined app that fulfills you and your child’s requirements very efficiently.

The app is available for free on the Google app Store.

Grab it now!

Pros: easy-to-use simplified interface; checklist of daily activities; awards in the form of coins; encourage kids; engage with parents; free. Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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