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RealTech- VR has announced their upcoming release of a brand new app on the market, called “Quantum Revenge”. It is a twin-stick shooter game, recommended for iOS devices and gadgets. Quantum Revenge is a combination of Japanese manga, 3D and 2D animation with gameplay that will take your breath away. It is set in a war-ravages space region where you control Mech warriors. Your mission is to destroy waves of enemies in this twin-stick shooter app.

Quantum revenge is designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The graphics of the game are highly defined. The themes, backgrounds and colors are real because the app is designed into the realistic physics engine and it will give you the effects of reality, even though it is animated. Fighting mode is shifting from 2D combat to 3D segments with beautiful animations to make the game more interesting. The music tracks are specifically composed and written from Gold chimes.

You’ll actually feel like you are roaming in the Solar System. Wow! That’s great. If you like it by just imagination, then what will happen when you play this game? It’s hard for me to wait now!

The game revolves around a great story. It’s the year 70 according to Galactic Calendar, and humans are trying to colonize another solar system. But, aliens are trying to invade Earth’s solar system with the objective of destroying all life and planets. What will you do to save the solar system?

When you start the game, you will engage with five missions, with two bosses and with a great finale. You have Mech and Pilots to defend from alien forces. Moreover, you have the possibility to outfit six different armour and abilities, which will provide your shields, drones, and other upgrades. Battles are hectic and continuous, mech will release streams of bullets against robotic figures and other alien planets. It contains a large number of enemies and bosses, in addition to 3D flights and animated 2D art based on manga cartoons are just amazing.

Quantum Revenge is a game that you can play solo or with multiple players around the globe. You will be connected to iOS GameCenter and Facebook and you can compete with other players and get a real-time leaderboard ranking. This system will encourage to play more and more and beat other players to get a better score all around the world.

About RealTech VR:

Since 1995, RealTech VR has been a programming company that has been making gaming apps, and their games are based on almost every platform such as: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and BeOS. They also design, interesting apps and games for Android, Apple, Windows, Android TV and many more. They have a speciality of making games keeping casual gamers in mind and combine fun and latest technology for everyone, no matter age and personal affections. Quantum Revenge is the latest 3D game to be released by RealTech VR.

Quantum Revenge will reach new heights and it will give your kids a new form of entertainment with different visual appeals. Although the app has not been launched yet, it has become the choice of many users on toucharcade.com. The app is expected to be launched in the month of March, this year as iOS category and will be available for mobile devices and other gadgets.

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