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The AI-powered mPower Health App, developed in collaboration with AIIMS and CCDC, is a powerful digital assistant for doctors. ClinAlly mPower Health is perfect digital health solution that allows doctors to manage patient data and hospital records.

This app includes an AI-powered Clinical Decision Support System to help doctors provide evidence-based patient care. The app makes it easy for doctors to access and update patient information and track and monitor their health status. mPower Health is a useful tool for doctors that can aid in improving patient care and outcomes.

A Doctors’ Digital Platform

It is a scientifically based holistic application for evaluating, screening, investigating, clinical management, lifestyle advice, and scheduling follow-up appointments for patients with hypertension and diabetes.

Clinical Calculators

Clinical calculators are used to identifying patients at high risk of diabetes and heart disease and calculate BMI.

Simple to Find

Customized prescriptions are available in pdf format, which can be printed and distributed to patients.

Go, Paper Less,

There is no need to be actually concerned about whether the patient will bring their medical reports, prescriptions, and so on to their next visit.

ClinAlly mPower Health App Collaboration

All India Institute of Medical Sciences is reputed group of autonomous government public medical universities of primarily higher education under the jurisdiction of relevant Government of India’s Ministry of Health.

Providing Smartly Designed Mobile Solutions

ClinAlly mPower Health recommends customized treatment plans tailored to individual patients’ clinical parameters to health care providers using the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), assisting in implementing evidence-based clinical guidelines at the point of care.

  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Treatment plans are suggested.
  • Clinical calculators for determining a patient’s disease
  • Assistant for digital health
  • Data from your patients is saved.
  • Both iOS and Android versions are available.

Final Words

ClinAlly mPower Health is an intelligent digital health platform that helps doctors offer their patients the best possible care.

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