5 All-time Most Popular iOS apps

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You cannot deny our growing reliance on mobile phones these days. With the astronomical increase in the number of smartphone users all across the world, the usage of mobile apps has also increased simultaneously. 

Whether you want to check your breakout escape room Bangalore booking or simply share your photos on social media, mobile apps are there to help you with every task possible today. Across different operating systems of Android, iOS, and Windows, apps serve multifaceted usages to make things convenient for everyone. 

In this article, we have enlisted the top 5 most popular iOS apps. Check them out now!

1. Facebook

Of course, nothing beats the number of downloads that Facebook has accorded across all known operating systems. Even though this popular social media app faced a major setback around 2018, it came back again, emerging in a stronger form. 

In the case of iPhone users, too, Facebook holds the record of being the most downloaded app with estimates running as high as 29.4 million! This social media app is popular across all age groups, from teenagers to even senior citizens bringing everyone together forming a global community. With new features rolling in with every update, Facebook is efficient in keeping with the latest trends and thus retaining its users.  

2. YouTube

Do you need a detailed explanation of that last lecture which you missed in your college? Are you looking for some easy-to-make breakfast recipes? Do you want to know the best things to do on your next vacation? YouTube is here to give solutions to all your varied needs. With such an immense variety of videos uploaded every hour on the interface, YouTube is yet another most popular iOS app.  

Out of all the mobile applications developed and marketed by Google, YouTube ranks the highest with several global users. With the latest features like shorts and YouTube kids coming up these days, the app is all set to conquer the market irrespective of all boundaries.  

3. Instagram

Instagram is yet another social media platform that has come up as quite a worthy competitor of your old friend Facebook. Launched quite recently in the year 2010, it has soon come up as one of the most popular iOS apps of all time. However, in the year 2012, Facebook bought this app and brought it under its influence. Recently, Instagram achieved a record of having over 1 billion users globally, and the number continues to go up.

Instagram focuses largely on posting high-quality images and videos. With features like igtv and reels available, users can choose a desired duration of videos to post on their accounts. Instagram has also given the space to several home-grown brands to prosper and increase their reach over the platform. 

4. WhatsApp

With businesses, education, and almost the entirety of human lives being accommodated in the online mode, WhatsApp usage has rapidly increased. This messaging and calling app was also bought by Facebook in 2014. Today, it has over 1.5 billion users and is without a doubt one of the most popular iOS apps.

This encrypted messaging app has facilitated many small businesses to reach out to their customers and increase their sales when nearly everything has gone online. It allows users to make video or voice calls and message anyone located anywhere in the world. With the latest updates coming in to revolutionize and enhance the app performance and satisfy the varying needs of users, WhatsApp promises a lot.  

5. Google Maps

Are you lost on your way to your destination? Are you looking for the fastest route to reach your office? Are you looking for the best place to take your partner for a special dinner? Google Maps has come to your rescue. Thanks to its immense use, Google Maps has fast become one of the most popular iOS apps these days. 

By using Google Maps and signing in through your Google account, you can sync all your data across your devices. It offers users a robust and efficient mapping experience like never before. No matter if you are using a smartphone, tablet, or any other gadget, it works seamlessly and delivers the best performance across all your devices. 


Though the list of most popular iOS apps changes almost every month, these 5 apps mentioned above have held the ground for years. When some new and exciting apps such as Snapchat, or more recently, Wordle, hit the market, they do rise to the top of the popularity charts for a while. But if we are talking about longevity, these 5 apps have remained at the top of the game always. 

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