Top 10 Apps for Expense Management

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Doesn’t it seem the most critical time to keep track of your spending is when you aren’t near your computer? Writing expenses down on paper also becomes rather inconvenient. That’s why it’s handy to have these workhorse apps on your device, so you can record where you spend money…and finally take control of your finances.


App Name: PocketMoney

Developer: Catamount Software


Tracking your finances has never been simpler, thanks to PocketMoney. Just enter your income and expenses on the user-friendly interface and see exactly where your money is going. Charts help you develop budgets and pinpoint areas of overspending. Your information can also be exported to financial software such as Microsoft Money and Excel or Quicken and imported back again.


App Name: HomeBudget

Developer: Anishu, Inc.


If working with certain expense management apps gets confusing, you will welcome having HomeBudget on your Apple device. Integrated features help you track expenses and instantly adjust your balance, avoiding the need to enter transactions twice. HomeBudget also has Family Sync, which allows you and your family to monitor spending through wireless syncing on all devices.


App Name: Toshl Finance

Developer: 3fs


Choose the financial management app that’s a BBC App Store staff favourite in 68 countries. Toshl not only minds your expenses and incomes, but it offers easy-to-use tools that create comprehensive budgets, personal financial summaries, foreign currency tracking, and future planning. Advanced security features will give you peace of mind.


App Name: Money Smart

Developer: BHI Technologies, Inc.


Sometimes expense management programs can frustrate you enough to where you want to delete them from your device. Not so with Money Smart, the only app that tracks and links all of your transactions, bills and budgets seamlessly. Just enter any relevant information, and Money Smart will be like having your own personal financial assistant.


App Name: PageOnce

Developer: Pageonce, Inc


One of the most highly rated apps from the past year and used by over 7 million people, PageOnce allows you complete control over your finances. Pay your bills, monitor your cash spending, and keep an eye on your credit cards, investments and other expenses. Regular alerts will remind you of when to pay bills or if there is suspicious activity on your accounts.


App Name: Money Lover

Developer: Zoo Studio


Simplicity is the key to Money Lover. You can customise it with your own categories for income and expenses and make it your own.   Alerts for bill payments, transactions and deposits will help inform you about your daily financial picture. Money Lover works in 12 different languages and 45 foreign currencies.


App Name: OfficeTime

Developer: OfficeTime Software


If you’ve kept track of your time and expenses on other programs or even paper and pen, you need to upgrade. OfficeTime delivers just that, with easy tracking of your projects and the related spending. You and your team members can communicate effortlessly on projects, even if some have PC’s and others are on Apple (sold separately).


App Name: Bill Assistant

Developer: Corbenic Consulting


Given how busy your life can get, you can sometimes forget when the bills are due. Plan for upcoming payments and avoid late fees with Bill Assistant. This app can maintain information for each bill and its payment details, automatically storing them so you won’t have to re-enter information each time. Flexible, simple and practical, Bill Assistant helps you control your finances.


App Name: Easy Books

Developer: Geode Software


The ideal app for managing small business finances, Easy Books is like having your own bookkeeper on call.   Pay for the features you want through in-app purchases while leaving off ones you don’t. Easy Books can help you manage financial status reports, value added tax, customer invoicing, and time tracking. You can easily backup and restore your valuable information.


App Name: PayPal

Developer: PayPal


Now you don’t have to be on your desktop to keep track of your PayPal transactions. With this on-the-go app, enjoy the freedom and convenience of sending and requesting money from your credit card or bank source, monitoring your PayPal balances, withdrawals and transactions, and knowing your accounts are secure.


Keeping track of your money can be difficult. These apps can help you to keep a closer eye on your money, which will help you to limit your spending. Being able to quickly look up transactions all from your iPhone will ensure you always know what’s going on.

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