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Pets, and dogs in particular, have become so beloved, they’ve become members of the family. Many dog owners want the very best for their furry friends, and that means getting quality information regarding caring, developing discipline, maintaining health and responding in an emergency. Look to one of these apps to address those issues.


App Name: Dog Boogie

Developer: DogTown Media


Have you given up on taking pictures of your dog because he won’t sit still? With Dog Boogie in your camera phone, you can get your companion to pose just right with built-in sound effects. This app also allows you to build pet profiles and share your perfect pictures with other dog lovers on various social media sites.


App Name: Pet Names

Developer: Schatzisoft


You have a new dog or puppy but have no idea what to name him. Let Pet Names+ assist you in giving your new friend the perfect name. Using pet types, popularity rankings and alphabetical listings, the user-friendly interface allows you to save the names you like from the thousands in the database. It even connects to your email so your can let friends and family have their say.


App Name: Dog First Aid

Developer: PetMD


In an emergency situation for a person, you would call 999. But what would you do for a dog in danger? If you have this app, you can quickly look up clear and concise information on how to provide your pet first aid until you get to your vet. If your pet’s regular veterinarian isn’t available, PetMD First Aid for Dogs has local listings for other clinics and hospitals.


App Name: Dog Translator

Developer: Ronald Bell


Not many of us can understand what our dogs could be saying to us. Enter Dog Translator, which takes sound analysis when you record their barks, then gives you a message in English. It works with any size, breed, and bark pitch. This app is meant for entertainment purposes for the enjoyment of family, friends and yourself.


App Name: MapMyDOGWALK

Developer: MapMyFitness


From the creators of MapMyRun is a companion app for those walks and runs you take with your furry pal. You can track your distance, time, speed, pace and elevation and even see your exact route mapped out by GPS technology. Then once you get home, upload your information on to your computer and share it on Twitter or through email.


App Name: Dog Whistle

Developer: Augware LLC


With the help of a variable frequency tone generator, this app allows you to train your dog to do tricks and to stop barking. This is the original and bestselling app that can turn training your dog into the fun activity it’s supposed to be. Dog Whistle also comes with a bark detector (operational only with iPhones), a sound level meter and a saved settings bar.


App Name: Dog Buddy

Developer: Maxwell Software


Record all of your dog’s events and milestones, store pictures and keep veterinary information – all in one convenient place! If you have more than one furry friend, you can enter files on each. Dog Buddy also has important first aid and emergency response instructions that you can use when your pet needs help and until you get to the vet.


App Name: Dog Tricks & Bark Machine

Developer: Pocket Cocktails Inc.


Teaching discipline in a dog can be tough. Before you take yours to obedience school, try Dog Tricks & Bark Machine. With texts and over 200 photos from well-known training manuals and the American Association of Pet Trainers, you know you’ll get the best information available to train your dog.


App Name: Perfect Dog

Developer: Tog Tag LLC


Among iTunes users and dog owners, this is the most downloaded and best-reviewed dog reference guide. You’ll find beautiful pictures and complete information on 240 breeds. Categorised alphabetically or by group, the listings can also be searched by lifestyle settings and physical attributes. Perfect Dog makes finding your own perfect dog easy and fun.


App Name: Talking Puppy

Developer: Gigabyte Solutions Ltd


Completely just for fun, the incredible life-like Talking Puppy repeats anything you say to it in a hilarious, cartoon-like voice. Press on different areas, and he’ll stick out his tongue, laugh out loud, take part in a comedy routine or just change his mood. Record what you’ve created and share it with others.


If you own a dog, its welfare will be of paramount concern. Making sure it’s diet is healthy, it get the right amount of exercise and a number of different issues all need to be tackled, but depend on the age and breed of your dog. This makes finding the correct information difficult, but with these apps the process is simplified, and only a few taps away.

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