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BeforeSunset - Work Management Tool

BeforeSunset is a simple, flexible, and powerful work management tool that helps you earn your worth. It merges time, project, and budget management in the breeze so that you can focus on productivity.

You can plan your day using the calendar and to-do list in BeforeSunset’s workspace, as well as by reviewing yesterday’s accomplishments and unfinished tasks. You can stay on track throughout the day by timing each task and focusing on one task at a time.

You can also ensure that your work is progressing as planned by estimating the time required for each task and making adjustments as needed. Close the day by reviewing and reflecting on the progress you made using the analytics provided by BeforeSunset.

Who is it for?

  • BeforeSunset can be used by companies with hourly employees for seamless work and team management.
  • BeforeSunset can help product companies increase team productivity and track the health of their projects. Your team has never been this successful before.
  • BeforeSunset allows you to charge your worth as a freelancer. Manage your daily tasks with ease and make good use of your time.

Simple Work Management at Your Fingertips

Keep track of your time and organise your workday. The outcomes will amaze you.

  • Start the timer to see which tasks are taking too long.
  • Manually enter time entries and use tables for time blocking.
  • For bulk time entries, use the weekly view.

Track your productivity on a weekly basis to determine what is causing you to overwork.

  • Get a holistic view of which tasks are taking up too much time and boost your productivity.
  • Track your time distribution across different days and redistribute accordingly.

Manage your team like a hero.

  • Track and access your team’s time charts to boost productivity.
  • Check to see if your team is devoting enough time to the right tasks. Have you noticed? Sam has worked excessively hard this week.

Budget management simplified.

  • Keep track of your profits and losses from each client and project.
  • Create an unlimited number of projects and archive the ones that are completed.
  • You’ve gone over your budget for the Brewery Project

Take a look at the Whole picture.

  • Monitor your tasks and who’s working on what, and how much the hourly rates are.
  • Set your own time intervals and receive reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • With a single click, you can export reports to your device and use them as an invoice.

Final Thoughts

Those who want to improve their remote work experience, ensure smooth project progress, track team performance, manage time efficiently, and easily plan their budgets should use BeforeSunset with peace of mind. BeforeSunset is used in many industries from engineering to IT, from creative industries to management consulting and design. This includes businesses that employ freelancers and hourly workers. Professionals who bill their clients by the hour also use it.


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