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The News we hear/know impact our lives to a great extent. The news is broken today as the news channels are controlled by few corporate companies that sponsor politicians. We never get to know the important stories at the mainstream. The news corporations and their owners decide what news must reach the people and what has to be promoted. This news both directly or indirectly affects our lives and takes control over so many things.

Viktor Lidholt, the founder of Newsvoice has come up with an innovative approach to fix the news. The objective is to change the world by separating the monetary interests from the stories in focus. When we know the actual story we can create a huge impact on different issues of the nation, change elections, and hold people in power and companies liable. The concept of the app is to bring to you the unbiased news and make you know the exact story. It aggregates news from many renowned sources like Vox, Fox news, BBC news, NPR and the lot. When you can read news from different sources, you can see for yourself the various possible angles and perspectives of a story.

In short, Newsvoice is powered by the people and for the people. It gives the complete list and access to all the domains that discuss a particular story and also tags the political leaning of the news source. This helps you segregate the fake news from the real ones. The app is definitely your one-stop source when it comes to Unbiased & Real News of USA & the World. Just by downloading the app, one can become a part of Newsvoice and if you feel to get more involved, you can become a volunteer and contribute more. You can sign in and edit, comment, share, upvote and save news articles according to your preference.

Newsvoice is unique and different from others apps because of the following reasons: News is updated every now and then so that, you get to stay tuned with all the latest happenings. All the news is displayed in an easily readable format and so your eyes will not get any stress using the app. The clear list view helps you gather much news in a very lesser time. You can choose what you want to read and how much you want to read based on your interest. Newsvoice discusses news on 6 distinct categories, viz, US politics, USA news, World news, Business, Tech and Crypto news. An audio enabled news reader feature, the ‘Newsvoice Play’ helps you create your own news mix and listen to it at anytime and anywhere you prefer.

The app is absolutely free for download and you can help the service to stay ad free and independent by contributing a certain amount and backing Newsvoice. It can be used by everyone in the family who wish to be in the know of all the latest happenings. The team is always open to your suggestions which you can share with them on Facebook and Twitter or via email: [email protected]. You can also ask them in case you need any help in using the app. Newsvoice is one excellent way to quickly gather unbiased news from hundreds of sources and be abreast with the latest happenings. We all have the responsibility of making things better and when we join together with Newsvoice we can really create a big impact and revolutionise the way News is. Let us fix the broken news and create a better world

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